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October 2017 - The Cass shipments and expenditures indexes both extended their run of positive year-over-year comparisons.

September 2017 - Volume continues to be strong, pricing even stronger.

August 2017 - Volume strength accelerates; pricing accelerates even faster.

July 2017 - Freight volumes dip from June due to seasonality, but remain above 2016 levels.

June 2017 - North American freight shows accelerating strength.

May 2017 - Shipment volumes increase 7.1% year over year.

April 2017 - Freight continues improvement with a 4% increase in shipments over April 2016.

March 2017 - Continued positive growth in freight signals and predicts economic growth in the U.S and abroad.

February 2017 - Parcel, airfreight and rail how positive numbers; inventory-to-sales ratios are falling.

January 2017 - Index data strongly suggests it's the beginning of a recovery for North American freight.


December 2016 - Data suggests an upward trend for freight.

November 2016 - U.S. shipment data hints at a rebound in consumer spending. 

October 2016 - North American freight shipments are up over previous year for the first time in 20 months.

September 2016 - E-commerce shipping is strong, but overall, freight remains weak.

August 2016 - More of the same; U.S. freight down for 18th consecutive month.

July 2016 - Overall shipment volumes are persistently weak.

June 2016 - North American freight picks up in June.

May 2016 - Economic uncertainty leads to slow growth in freight.

April 2016 - U.S. economic slowdown reflected in freight volumes.

March 2016 - Shipment volumes remain below 2015 levels.

February 2016 - Freight shipments pick up as expected. 

January 2016 - Shipment volumes follow seasonal expectations; weak in January.


November 2015 - Shipment volumes stronger than expected; rail traffic down, truckload up.

October 2015 - Shipment volumes are down 5.3% compared to last October.

September 2015 - Freight volumes rise to build holiday inventories.

August 2015 - Freight shipment volumes see atypical (but small) August decline.

July 2015 - North American freight volumes in line with seasonal expectations.

June 2015 - Freight volumes solid, but trailing a strong 2014.

May 2015 - Freight shipments continue growth pattern.

April 2015 - Freight shipments jump 4.2% in April.

March 2015 - Freight volumes are strong amid mixed economic reports.

February 2015 - Freight volumes jump despite West coast shutdown.

January 2015 - Freight volumes start strong in 2015; but this means costs will continue to climb.


December 2014 - Strong year for shipping brings with it capacity issues and rising rates.

November 2014 - Freight activity higher than expected; all signs point to a strong year-end.

October 2014 - Shipment activity remains flat, but port labor and capacity issues create turmoil below the surface.

September 2014 - Shipping activity stays flat in September.

August 2014 - Freight volumes continue to rise; rates don’t keep pace.

July 2014 - Freight shipments drop in July, but are up year over year.

June 2014 - Outlook for freight remains strong for 2014.

May 2014 - Continued strength in freight points to economic growth.

April 2014 - Freight volumes continue to gain momentum.

March 2014 - Freight volumes see strong increase in March.

February 2014 - Volumes pick up; Poised to gain momentum in 2014.

January 2014 - Freight volumes and other economic indicators reveal slow start to 2014.


December 2013 - Freight shipment activity ends down in 2013, but average shipment size continues to grow.

November 2013 - November shipment volumes surpass previous two years.

October 2013 - Freight shipments fell in October, partially due to the government shutdown.

September 2013 - Freight costs continue to rise; shipment activity hints of peak season bump.

August 2013 - Following increases in manufacturing orders, imports and exports, shipping volume increases 1.7% from July. Compared to 2012, however, volumes are slightly down.

July 2013 - Freight volumes decline in line with seasonal trends.

June 2013 - Shipment volume down from the previous July and flat month-to-month. Expenditures rose sharply from May.

May 2013 - Freight volumes rise, but are below last year; other economic indicators are mixed.

April 2013 - Freight volumes fall in April, as economy remains slow and businesses draw down inventory.

March 2013 - Shipment volumes show positive gains.

February 2013 - An increase in shipment volumes reversed a four-month downward slide, putting levels back on pace with 2012.

January 2013 - Freight shipment volumes decline due to downward pressure from a number of directions.


December 2012 - High inventories and weak economy lead to declining shipping volumes.

November 2012 - November shipment volumes down 4% due to Superstorm Sandy and economy in general.

October 2012 - October shipment volumes down 1.4%; normal holiday shipping surge has not materialized.

September 2012 - September shipping increase caused more by potential strike than normal peak season orders.

August 2012 - Cass Freight Index – and other economic indicators – move downward in August.

July 2012 - Slow growth in freight; slow growth in the economy.

June 2012 - The trend of 2012: Slow growth in freight volumes.

May 2012 - More of the same: slow but continued growth in freight volumes.

April 2012 - Freight volumes continue on slow climb upward.

March 2012 - Sluggish growth in freight volumes; freight rates remain flat.

February 2012 - Shipping begins to pick up post holiday season.

January 2012 - Seasonal monthly decline in freight shipments.


December 2011 - Shipment volume experiences seasonal decline as freight costs continue to rise.

November 2011 - Shipment volumes fell in November as retailers worked to balance inventories.

October 2011 - Year-over-year growth remained consistent, but the seasonal month-to-month shipment decline was steeper than usual.

September 2011 - Freight volumes and expenditures rise as seasonally expected; other economic indicators still bleak for remainder of year.

August 2011 - Freight shipments increase slightly; volume continues to be very soft in the midst of a very sluggish economy.

July 2011 - Freight volume, other indicators show the sluggish U.S. economy continues to weaken.

June 2011 - Volumes pick up modestly; spending growth less than shipment growth.

May 2011 - Freight shipping volumes remain flat.

April 2011 - Economic indicators slow before anticipated summer growth.

March 2011 - Freight Indexes show robust growth – an excellent indicator of the improved U.S. economy.

February 2011 - Tight capacity, combined with rising fuel prices and operating costs, continue to drive truck rates upward.

January 2011 - Cass Freight Index data demonstrates a postā€recession trend toward leaner inventories.

2010 Year in Review - Continued strengthening in the freight market - and the economy.

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