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Cass Puts the “Fin” in Fintech with CassPay

For payment and fintech providers, we power payments with our best-in-class technology, reporting, flexibility, and transparency platform: CassPay. With CassPay, we are pioneering the future of fintech, so you’ll never get left behind.

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Decades of Payments Experience

Cass is one of the market’s leading brain trusts for payments. Our system is built on six decades of experience, and has evolved to satisfy common challenges easily.

Many solutions work well when everything goes as planned. But Cass builds in greater protection across the payment cycle, ensuring inevitable problems are easier to catch and manage. Processes stay cleaner, even when integrating with complex customer systems. Our team is here to support and guide you.

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Financial security of Cass Commercial Bank


Agile and reliable processes


Cash flow solutions for your clients

A Global Leader in Payment Solutions

Trusted With

>$90 Billion

in annual disbursements, managed by over 1,300 employees globally

We Process

>21 Million

payments per year for fintechs and payment providers

Serving Businesses For

>110 Years

with a consistent focus on innovation and customer service

When choosing a payments partner, Cass Integrated Payments stood out with a flexible platform and deep experience. Their solution simplifies the process and reporting. Plus, they can address new requirements quickly. Any company considering a new solution should talk to Cass.

Now payments run smoothly. Our system works as it should, so things are quiet. But when we occasionally do need to troubleshoot, our main contact and everyone at Cass are always very accommodating. I’m super pleased with how everything has turned out.

In our business, partnerships are critical. We only work with people we trust. Cass has grown with us from our early stages. We see them as a long term strategic partner and continue to find ways to leverage their expertise and services. I highly recommend talking with Cass.

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In today’s dynamic payment environment, the right partner makes all the difference. Give your network the security and vision of a market leader: Cass Information Systems.

Learn how innovative processes, market foresight, and the financial strength of Cass Bank can position you to succeed now, and in tomorrow’s redefined payments landscape.

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