Gain Business Intelligence for your Transportation Spend

Gain Total Visibility of Your Transportation Spend

CassPort®. It’s the freight payment industry’s most powerful business intelligence platform.

Cass clients rely on CassPort as their main source of accurate transportation expense data. What makes it such an invaluable tool?

First, we aggregate and normalize data from many sources – including bills of lading, shipment documents, carrier invoices, third-party sources, and more – which supports both audit quality and a valuable information database for reporting purposes.

Second, we capture shipment details at the most granular level. For example, data you can access in CassPort includes:

  • Shipment details (origin, destination, mode, weight, product, stop-off location, etc.)
  • Payment details (audit adjustment amount and reason, scheduled payment date, ACH/check numbers, etc.)
  • Accruals, down to the SKU or accessorial level
  • General ledger reporting

And when Cass manages your freight invoices for all modes, all geographies, and all move types, you truly have one global view of your transportation costs.

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Leverage Powerful Dashboards

Sometimes, visualization is the most powerful way to consume data. When you engage with the dashboards inside CassPort, your data will come to life. Display your most important metrics in dashboards, so you can see them any time, without effort. Compare time frames or drill deeper into a data category in seconds. With dashboards, you can quickly see and understand whatever’s important to you.

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Integration with Your Systems

Cass also supports your systems integration requirements. Your freight spend data can be easily delivered to your ERP, TMS, accounting system, or other proprietary systems. Additionally, Cass can implement system integrations with your MRP, TMS, CRM, procurement, order management, and business intelligence systems as well as carrier or 3PL systems.

The Value of Visibility

Once you have visibility to reliable transportation data, you can:

  • Prepare for contract negotiations
  • Reduce accessorial expenses
  • Reduce or eliminate rogue spending
  • Determine landed costs
  • Feed upstream supply chain and financial analysis
  • Improve control of inbound spend
  • Conduct network and traffic lane analysis
  • Understand each component of your transportation spend
  • Improve capacity planning

With this much power, CassPort will play a critical role in managing your transportation spend.

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