Cass Commercial Bank: Powering Payments for Cass Information Systems

With Cass Commercial Bank providing the infrastructure for every supplier payment we make, our customers benefit from a level of security and reliability that few other providers can offer.


A Unique Advantage

Whether you’re considering Cass for freight payment, one of our expense management solutions, utility bill management, or integrated payments for fintechs, we provide something unique – a powerful set of benefits that come from owning a bank rather than being limited by the systems and service levels of a third-party bank. It’s one of the reasons our clients choose Cass.

This unique corporate structure allows us to provide:

  • Unparalleled security of funds
  • Transparency in funds transfer process
  • Unrivalled payment flexibility
  • Custom cash flow solutions for both customers and suppliers
  • Fewer parties involved in moving funds
  • A truly global payment network
  • Easy payment tracking
  • Unfettered access to foreign exchange


Transparent, Secure, and Stable

Because Cass Information Systems is both publicly held and a financial holding company, our systems and processes are held up to the standards of the Federal Reserve, FDIC, SEC, Nasdaq, Sarbanes Oxley, and the State of Missouri.

It all adds up to one thing for Cass Information Systems clients: peace of mind. Some of our best clients came to us after they lost trust in the financial controls of other providers.

Powerful Banking

Powerful in its Own Right 

Cass Commercial Bank does much more than serve its parent organization. In its more than 100-year history as a relationship-based business bank, Cass Bank has become a leader in three niche markets: the St. Louis business community, faith-based organizations across the country, and McDonald’s franchisees.

In Q1 2018, Cass Bank was ranked as the No.1 bank in Missouri and 10th in the United States in performance by Banker’s Caddy. In addition, the bank is consistently awarded five stars by independent rating agency Bauer Financial.

Want to Know More? 

To learn more about the services of Cass Commercial Bank, visit our dedicated banking site.

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