Run Your Supply Chain on the Best Data Possible

  • Benchmark your truckload rates in all lanes
  • Manage capacity risk
  • Understand market conditions
  • Measure Scope 3 carbon emissions
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Cass + SONAR SCI: The Premier Transportation Data Toolkit

Cass + SONAR SCI offers Cass clients a pathway to further optimize the data assets they gain through the freight audit and payment process. Cass and SONAR together are the premium toolkit for data insights that empower shippers to consistently and continuously control, understand, monitor, and manage their costs. 




Your Truckload Data, Integrated with Market Insights

Cass integrates your dry van and refrigerated truckload rate and lane data directly into SONAR SCI, saving you the time-consuming process of gathering and formatting this data on all of your lanes. Gain a better understanding of your own network and the market dynamics in play so you can work with their carriers accordingly.

The Cass-FreightWaves Partnership

Individually, Cass and SONAR SCI are two of the most powerful resources for insights and spend management a shipper can employ. Together, we provide the premium toolkit for data insights that empowers you to consistently and continuously control, understand, monitor, and manage costs. 

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Cass Information Systems

Global enterprises partner with Cass for best practices in freight payment and complete and reliable data about their spend.

FreightWaves SONAR

FreightWaves SONAR

With its groundbreaking data and analytics platform, FreightWaves is the leader in market intelligence.

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The combination of Cass and SONAR SCI gives shippers the best data possible to run their supply chains.

Manage Capacity Risk

Manage your supply chain better with insights into current market conditions. SONAR lane scores tell you which lanes and markets are experiencing the most tender rejects - an insight can be paired with underpriced lanes for the best insights into locations where capacity may be uncertain. This allows you to work closely with carriers to ensure service continuity. 




See your Biggest Savings Opportunities 

When you access SONAR, your data will be there waiting. With details about your truckload network already integrated, SONAR will show you where you can save the most based on a combination of volume and price. And it will  combine that information with lane scores that provide current market conditions for both inbound and outbound.  

See the Groundbreaking SONAR SCI

See how SONAR SCI can help you create the optimal logistics framework. Customers who leverage the SCI platform reduce transportation costs by 4–10% and increase compliance with confidence through the industry’s most advanced benchmarking tool.


Reduce costs

See your biggest opportunities for savings.


Manage risk

Respond to capacity risk by market.



Balance the optimization of service and cost.


Score lanes

Gauge expectations of coverage and performance.



Compare your rates in every lane.


Follow the guide

See where route guide compliance is most at risk.


Improve partnerships

Work with carriers on underpriced lanes



Forecast new lanes

See rates for lanes under consideration.

Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions

Measure Scope 3 carbon emissions

Bar Chart

Ensure continuity 

Respond to current market conditions.

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