Why the Freight Payment Process is so Commonly Outsourced

See why leading shippers outsource, and why they choose Cass

The Freight Payment Process is Complex

The majority of large shippers—and a growing number of mid-sized shippers—choose to outsource freight payment in order to achieve the best results in invoice audits, payment accuracy and timing, and detailed business intelligence that enables a full understanding of their transportation spend. With a specialized provider in place, shippers can leave behind the complexity that makes in-house management unwieldy and expensive. Given the high rate of invoice errors and, more importantly, extremely high value of the data contained in those invoices and related shipment records, it can be hard to justify doing it yourself. 

The benefits of outsourcing freight payment fall into three main buckets:

  • Savings, achieved through invoice audits and an unprecedented understanding of transportation costs
  • Efficiency in invoice processing, audits, payment, and carrier inquiries
  • Data management that delivers deep business intelligence, freight accounting needs such as GL coding and accrual files, and custom reports

By almost any metric, Cass Information Systems is the leading provider of outsourced freight payment solutions. Having pioneered the industry more than 60 years ago, today Cass processes 37 million invoices and $28 billion in freight spend annually, 

Shippers choose Cass for our expertise in building tailored solutions that meet their unique and often complex requirements. They choose us for our service levels and dedicated account teams. And often, most importantly, they choose us because they trust that we'll be a good steward of their transportation spend. 

When seeking an audit and payment provider, shippers choose to partner with either a regulated or non-regulated entity. Cass is a financial holding company, providing funds management and payment services through wholly-owned subsidiary Cass Commercial Bank. Compliant with the many regulations set forth by the U.S. Federal Reserve as well as the Dutch Central Bank, Cass offers the best in freight payment – a results-driven, first-class outsourcing solution and maximum payment security for its clients.

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