At Cass, we’re dedicated to going far beyond our customers’ expectations for service and delivering exceptional value year after year. It’s why some of the world’s largest shippers trust no one else as their partner in managing freight costs.

If you’re looking for a provider who can build audit and accounting processes that meet your complex requirements, if you need complete visibility of your transportation spend, if you want a partner focused on continuous process improvement, Cass is the place to turn. You’ll experience for yourself why we’re the world leader in freight audit and payment.

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We recently did a secondary audit of three to four years of recent shipments, and the results didn’t turn up much, even given our large volumes. We’re satisfied that our controls are very good with Cass.

Since we re-engineered the FAP system with Cass, we’ve worked together on process Improvements. I’ve watched as our process becomes even more refined, as reflected, for example, in the accuracy and speed of our accrual process.

I’ve gained this confidence over time. I’ve seen the process, I know the rigors are there and the quality is there. I’ve gained a lot of trust in the Cass system, so my goal is to increase invoice volumes managed through Cass.

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