Freight Audit and Payment Services

  • Understand your freight spend
  • Achieve significant audit savings
  • Optimize invoice management processes
  • Improve working capital
Improve Payment Processes

Freight Payment Services Improve Processes 

When Cass assumes responsibility for your freight invoices, you’ll begin to see a transformation in how your team works. While we take on the hassle, you’ll gain the bandwidth to focus on higher-value projects – new carrier contracts, network optimization, and countless other initiatives. We manage time-consuming processes such as:

  • Rate management
  • EDI setup
  • Exception handling
  • Accruals and GL coding
  • Carrier support
  • Invoice automation

And, we'll give your carriers access to invoice status and a dedicated support team at Cass. All of these freight payment services accelerate processes, lower overheads, and deliver superior results.

Improve Payment Processes with Freight Payment Services

Achieve Bottom-Line Savings

Outsourcing freight audit and payment to a service provider creates savings in many ways. First, by unloading a process that’s draining resources, shippers can divert both logistics and accounting resources to higher-value, more efficient functions. Second, with a precise invoice audit system in place, overpayments and duplicate payments disappear.

These results are considerable and will yield a positive ROI. Yet the largest savings are often achieved when shippers leverage the visibility they've gained. 

Achieve Bottom-Line Savings with Freight Payment Services
Gain Total Visibility of Your Transportation Spend

Gain Total Visibility of Your Transportation Spend

Capturing a universal view of what’s driving costs becomes simple with Cass's industry-leading freight payment services.

With deep business intelligence at their fingertips, shippers can confidently tackle projects such as carrier consolidation, network analysis or calculating landing costs. The data supports initiatives such as identifying and reducing problem accessorials and creating carrier scorecards. The insights you gain will drive informed decision-making and meaningful cost reductions.

This accurate, normalized data will give you a complete financial and operational picture of your shipping spend.

Choose The Industry Leader 

There’s a reason leading shippers choose Cass. Aside from our track record – over 60 years in the industry – we handle more payments and offer greater levels of customization than anyone else. No matter how complex your transportation infrastructure or business rules, the freight payment services we offer can help.

Cass clients benefit from:



Our expertise spans all modes, audit requirements, system integrations, accounting possibilities and more. From how you account for the shipment to how you account for the costs, we’ll make sure it’s done right.


Payment Security 

Our unique corporate structure, which includes Cass Commercial Bank, gives clients unrivalled payment security and flexible cash flow options.


Global Services

With one global freight payment provider, you’ll achieve a unified view of your transportation costs. Drill down into business unit, region, product or plant, all within our client portal, CassPort®.

Improve control over your freight spend

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