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Achieve a Freight Audit & Payment Solution that Delivers Results

If you have a large freight spend, putting a freight audit and payment solution in place is no longer something that's optional. Auditing bills, gaining transparency to your data … these are absolutely vital for managing freight costs. Audit savings are achieved through the elimination of overcharges and duplicate payments. You’ll replace inefficient invoice management processes with automation. And you’ll have unprecedented visibility to your costs that enables reporting, cost-cutting initiatives, automated cost allocations and accruals and much more. These are all the reasons that outsourcing freight audit and payment has never been more popular.

Annual freight costs for a typical Cass client range from tens of millions to over a billion dollars. Due to contract complexity and the many charges often on a freight invoice, error rates are high. Freight invoice audits therefore generate meaningful savings. 

Freight Audits Enable Contract Compliance

A best-practice freight audit solution provides a closed-loop process to ensure contract compliance. In other words, the process should ensure that your freight invoices are paid exactly as prescribed by your supplier contracts. You should pay no more or no less than the agreed upon amounts.

Freight contracts can be exceedingly complex. Likewise, freight invoices – accompanied by numerous types of required supporting documents – reflect exceedingly detailed transactions to audit. The most thorough and productive audits are accomplished systematically; software with sophisticated logic “examines” each transaction against a long checklist of possible errors. The system kicks out exceptions to trained freight audit professionals.

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Highly Automated, Highly Configurable Cass Freight Audit & Payment Solution

The ultimate goal is to accurately rate and audit your freight invoices with minimum manual intervention.

Cass clients benefit from a highly automated freight audit system with proprietary Cass software as its engine. Most importantly, the system can be modified to accommodate each client’s precise business rules. 

Most Cass customers require advanced audit capabilities, such as accurate handling of: pool shipments, stop-offs, milk runs, intermodal shipments, Rule 11, white glove service, spot quotes, and a variety of industry-specific movement types. Cass also employs advanced methods for avoiding duplicate payments.

Each year, Cass processes 37 million freight & parcel invoices valued at more than $28 billion dollars. Around the world, we provide secure payments to 13,000 freight carriers. 

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