Freight Claims  Software

for Carriers & LSPs

  • Reduce the time spent on claims
  • Store everything in one place
  • Use the in-depth visibility to reduce future losses
  • Record incidents of all kinds with the incidents module

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Discover Cass FreightClaim360

If your freight claims management processes aren't supported by great technology, it’s time to rethink your technology. Cass FreightClaim360 supports every step of the claims lifecycle to make you both efficient and informed.

Designed for carriers and other LSPs, our freight claims software will help streamline every step of the process. You’ll love how easy it is for your team members to coordinate with each other, third parties, and your customers.

Replace your disjointed process with a fully featured, fully customizable, easy-to-use solution today.

A Complete Solution

Cass FreightClaim360 is designed to meet the needs of today's carriers & service providers.


Optimize processes

Spend less time on claims thanks to automation and streamlined processes


Visualize trends

Use dashboards and reporting to better understand claims and trends


Organize the details

Store everything about the claim in one place

Reduce Time Spent on Claims

With Cass FreightClaim360, your company will drastically reduce the amount of time it spends managing claims. Every action from creation to resolution is streamlined.

Users across your organization will be able to communicate more efficiently and access details and documents more quickly. Shippers can even start claims online, sending documents and photos directly into the application.

Leverage Visibility to Improve Your Bottom Line

The reporting and dashboards in FreightClaim360 will give you unprecedented visibility to everything you need to know about historical and open claims. View trends, root causes, payouts, and anything else you want to track.

Dashboards let you quickly see what interests you most, such as problematic lanes or regions. 

Store Everything in One Place

Finally, you can store everything related to a claim in one place: all the details, documents, photos, and communications.

With your new cloud-based software, your users will have 24/7 access to everything they want to know, about one claim or many.

Manage Incidents Of All Kinds


Record incidents related to accidents, driving, equipment, injuries, and more


Save documents, photos, diary notes, and emails with the incident record


Record details related to driving conditions, product, delivery, equipment, insurance


For injuries, record contact information, description of injury, and notes for any involved individuals

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Cass FreightClaim360 can support any type of freight claim for any mode. It fully supports claims with shared liability as well.

FreightClaim360 is extremely customizable and will be configured to your requirements during the onboarding process. Existing and available fields and workflows can be set up according to your data requirements, terminology, rules, approval policy, and reporting needs. Please schedule a demo so we can show you how flexible the software really is.

We offer subscription-based pricing based on the number of claims you expect to process. Please contact us to see which subscription tier would work best for you.

FreightClaim360 can be integrated with other systems such as your TMS or accounting software in order to improve efficiency and data flow. A TMS integration, for example, enables shipment data to be pulled directly into FreightClaim360 to populate claims records. 

Cass will provide full onboarding support and training. Based on information you provide us, we’ll configure FreightClaim360 with your data, such as shipper information, claim types & codes, locations, equipment, etc.

Because it’s cloud-based, no installation is required. If you would like to integrate FreightClaim360 with your TMS, accounting, or system, we will provide technical resources to support your IT team.

Cass will also provide training for your users and admins.

Absolutely. With FreightClaim360, you’ll greatly improve the customer's experience of filing a claim by giving them a branded, customized web form. They can easily enter shipment and product details, documents, and photos, and then receive immediate confirmation with a claim number. 

Yes. FreightClaim360 includes a detailed incidents module where you can keep track of accidents, injuries and more.