Tame Your Telecoms

Let Cass take responsibility for your enterprise telecom expenses and mobility programs. We’ll deliver a reduction to costs, time savings, and peace of mind in return.

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What Cass Can Do for You

Our services support internal IT and telecom departments and takes tedious, time-consuming work off the shoulders of your team. By ensuring your service providers never overcharge and your organization pays only for resources it actually uses, Cass will deliver significant savings.

Proud to be different, we offer true accountability, an end-to-end service, and real results. 


Market leader in customer satisfaction


Best-in-class implementation


Rapid time‑to‑value


Federally regulated


Global execution

Cass by Numbers

Trusted With

>$60 Billion

in annual disbursements, managed by over 1,200 employees globally

We Process and Pay

>66 Million

invoices each year

We Process Invoices Covering


countries on 6 continents, and can pay in 114 currencies

# 1 for Customer Satisfaction

Cass furnishes the tools and resources to know that our process isn’t slipping. And, because of our continuing relationship with Cass, our IT and accounts payable teams now have significant additional bandwidth.

Utilizing Cass expertise and process, Clorox has been able to reduce late fees to our suppliers to an unprecedented .004%

Our experience with Cass and their TEM tool continue to exceed our expectations. Our accounts are finally in balance, we achieved higher than expected savings, and the ease of the tool has enabled us to redirect our highly skilled internal resources to more complex audits and optimization analysis.

Ready to Lose the Payment Burden?

Don’t just take our word for it – let us show you how we shoulder responsibility and make enterprise connectivity our problem, not yours.

It’s time to experience services that deliver real change – and no more empty promises.

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