Transportation Benchmarking

  • Compare your costs to market
  • Set targets for rate negotiations
  • Budget costs in new lanes or modes
  • Get in-depth freight and transportation data

Compare Your Freight Rates to Market

As a Cass freight payment customer, you will gain access to Cass Benchmark Data Services™, our exclusive transportation benchmarking database. With a few clicks, you'll easily be able to compare what you're paying against your peers. Our customers leverage this database to:

  • Understand transportation benchmarking costs by lane and mode
  • Estimate costs for traffic lanes under consideration
  • Compare costs to market trends over time
  • Set targets for future negotiations

Benchmark Lanes and Cost Components

The Cass freight benchmarking database consists of actual paid freight data for Cass clients – some of the world’s largest companies, many of whom exceed $100 million in annual transportation spend and are Fortune 500 companies. This diversity of shippers and range of volume provides a statistically valid cross-sampling of industries and shipments in America.

Related shipment information includes mode, origin/ destination, weight, and more. The data is cleansed and normalized by Cass. All shipment mileage uses the same basis.

Transportation Benchmarking Data

Freight and transportation benchmarking data for comparison includes such details as:

  • Mode of transportation (intermodal, LTL, bulk, truckload, temperature-controlled, and rail)
  • Origin/destination regions
  • Shipment weight
  • Shipment mileage
  • Cost/shipment
  • Miles/shipment
  • Cost/mile
  • Cost/CWT

After a thorough analysis of market costs, you will be prepared with data and targets for your next carrier sourcing initiative.

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