Parcel Spend Management

  • Audit every package at the charge level
  • Gain actionable data that reveals savings opportunities
  • Understand service levels 
  • Gain powerful data for carrier management
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The Complete Parcel Audit

Cass parcel audit services give you complete visibility to your parcel spend. For every package you ship, charges and service levels can be audited against agreed-upon rates and terms – flagging every overcharge.

Our complete audit includes:

  • Rate, including tiered & incentive discounts, and accessorials
  • Service failure 
  • Duplicate invoicing at the invoice, package, and package-charge levels
  • Proof of shipment
  • Proof of delivery
  • Violations of guaranteed service agreements
  • Customer-specific audit requirements
  • Address correction
  • Commercial vs. residential addresses
  • Billed weight vs. dimensional weight


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Information about the package is as important as the package itself.

Frederick W. Smith,
Founder and chairman, FedEx

Gain Actionable, Detailed, Trustworthy Data About Your Parcel Spend

The value of our parcel spend management solution goes far beyond processing, auditing, and paying your package invoices. We also build a substantial database of your parcel activities and costs over time.

The result is an extremely powerful view of your parcel activity – by origin, destination, account number, charge type, and more. Our business intelligence tool, CassPort®, allows for powerful custom reporting and multidimensional views. And with interactive dashboards, your data will come to life and be easier than ever to understand.

Dashboards and custom reports will help you identify problem areas such as wasteful spending, account misuse, and problematic trends or spikes  in many cases delivering savings in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on your parcel spend and improving your leverage in contract negotiations with carriers.


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Gain Serious Savings Insights Through a Consulting Engagement

Parcel spend management clients can also take advantage of our Parcel Advisory Services – a structured, annual review that examines surcharges and fees, trends, service selections and failures, audit findings, etc.

During this process, Cass will identify and present potential savings opportunities to you. These business reviews typically result in a meaningful reduction in costs.

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