Freight Claims Management 

See how to increase recoveries, offload the hassles, and gain visibility to the problem

Cass Helps Shippers Gain Visibility to Freight Claims While Increasing Recoveries

Cass Information Systems provides a full-service loss and damage claims management solution for all transportation modes. Using our services, shippers are freeing their resources from the hassles of chasing claims and increasing their dollars recovered. What they value most, however, is the visibility they gain to increase their effectiveness in reducing damage incidents.

By partnering with Cass for freight claims management, you will:

  • Gain Visibility
    • Detailed reporting by carrier, cause, product, shipping location, and more
    • Performance measurements for carriers
    • Central repository of photos to use later for training
  • Reduce Administrative Burden & Cost
    • Once you initiate the claim, Cass takes it from there
    • No need to follow up with carriers or chase refunds
    • Consistent, centralized process across the company
  • Gain Financial Benefits
    • Substantially increase recoveries by filing more claims, lowering your filing thresholds, and increasing the rate of successful resolution
    • Reduce the significant cost and fallout of product damage
  • Improve Customer Service Levels
    • Take data-driven action to reduce the frequency, severity, and unnecessary expense of product damage & increase order fulfillment accuracy

We know that you're probably not filing as many claims as you could because it's time consuming, inefficient and frustrating. Documents are hard to manage, communications are difficult to keep track of, and working with many different carriers and their systems further complicates the process. We can solve all of these problems for you. We'll help you file more claims, increase your recoveries, and shorten the time to resolution.

Working together, we’ll create a centralized, transparent, and hugely valuable freight claims solution customized for you.

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