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Our freight audit and payment services provide complete visibility and control — no matter how many borders you cross, currencies you use, or modes you ship.

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We’re committed to the ongoing support of your transportation, finance and accounting needs. How do we do it? Your named account team will deliver personal, specialized service - and answers when you need them.

Continuous process improvement is deeply ingrained in our culture, and we’ll always be working with you towards improvements in operational achievement. Likewise, when your business evolves, we’ll evolve with you to ensure your solution encompasses new and changing requirements.

You’ll gain an extra level of reassurance for a different reason too. Cass is a publicly traded financial holding company. Simply put, this means we’re compliant with stringent financial controls and oversight - which translate to a critical need for our clients: payment security


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# 1 for Customer Satisfaction

We recently did a secondary audit of three to four years of recent shipments, and the results didn’t turn up much, even given our large volumes. We’re satisfied that our controls are very good with Cass.

Since we re-engineered the FAP system with Cass, we’ve worked together on process Improvements. I’ve watched as our process becomes even more refined, as reflected, for example, in the accuracy and speed of our accrual process.

I’ve gained this confidence over time. I’ve seen the process, I know the rigors are there and the quality is there. I’ve gained a lot of trust in the Cass system, so my goal is to increase invoice volumes managed through Cass.

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Let us show you how we can turn your freight audit and payment process into an asset, one that provides control and opportunity rather than a drain on resources.

Your modern shipping operations need modern expense management, so you can finally leave overpayments and questionable data behind.

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