Global Freight Audit & Payment Solutions

Gain control of your global supply chain and transportation networks by consolidating your global freight audit and payment with Cass.

Your Single Source of Global Transportation Expense Data

Visibility to global transportation spend is essential for effective supply chain management. The single best source for gaining this visibility is a robust, best practice, global freight audit and payment solution. Our business intelligence platform, CassPort®, provides one integrated view of your transportation spend, usage, and trend information.

A single source of global spend data will help you:

  • Make accurately informed international supply chain decisions
  • Better understand the impact of freight and volatile fuel costs on products and raw materials
  • Manage transportation expenses on a country-to-country basis
  • Bring clarity to the complex business of managing domestic and international shipping
  • Determine landed costs for global shipments

The Cass Global Solution

  • All currencies managed (including conversion)
  • Global rate audit including taxes such as VAT, GST, etc.
  • Multilingual and time zone support
  • Support for all complexities and reporting requirements unique to specific countries and regions
  • All origin-destination pairs
  • All freight, package, broker, forwarder, etc. movements
  • Electronic billing support for EDI, Edifact, CSV, XML, etc.
  • Single global transportation expense reporting platform

Cass Global Support

Cass supports clients worldwide from our locations in North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

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