Cass Enables Sophisticated Systems Integration

Cass exchanges information to support its clients’ various objectives for supply chain integration and has proven system integration experience with enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Lawson as well as proprietary systems. Additionally, Cass implements system integrations with customers’ MRP, TMS, CRM, procurement, order management and business intelligence systems as well as our clients’ supplier systems.

Cass-delivered system integrations meet our clients’ complex requirements for automated cost allocations, general ledger posting and accruals. In addition to general ledger accounting, Cass system integration solutions support numerous logistics and finance applications, including:

  • Freight “pre-pay and add” invoicing
  • Supplier performance management
  • Supplier/carrier receivables/reconciliation
  • Order management / procurement

Cass customizes system integration design, based on the requirements and level of record detail supported by the client’s systems. The systems typically exchange data based on invoice, shipment, and purchase order numbers as well as product, brand, SKU, ASN etc. to support desired levels of granularity.

File Formats Supported

Cass supports all standard as well as customized file formats to interface transactions to/from shippers and carriers. Standard formats include:

  • EDI ASC X12 Formats
  • SAP Formats (iDoc)
  • XML
  • Edifact

Data Transmission Methods Supported

Cass currently supports the following data transmission methods. As our clients continue to adopt new technologies, Cass will support additional methods as required.

  • Standard FTP
  • Secure FTP with SSL
  • Firewall-to-Firewall VPN
  • Secure FTP with SSH
  • AS2

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