Automate GL File Delivery

Automate the Cost Allocation Process for Freight Expenses

The cost allocation process for transportation expense is difficult and labor-intensive. The typical high-volume shipper maintains a large number of accounting codes for freight expenses. Whether the rules for allocating these expenses are simple or complex, assigning them to the appropriate cost centers can take an inordinate amount of work.

Companies allocate and assign their freight expenses in various ways: by move type, product class, SKU, supplier, destination, etc. – and often with some very sophisticated combination of rules. The only way to efficiently and consistently allocate freight expenses in such an environment is through the use of a customized, rules-based system that automates the process.

As the leading business processor for freight payment, Cass automates the cost allocation process to meet the complicated requirements of some of the world’s largest shippers.

With a highly automated system, we integrate data from a number of sources, such as invoices and supporting documents, client shipment files, and sometimes third parties, to build a powerful database that allows cost allocations at the most granular level necessary.

We provide full integration with your ERP or accounting software to minimize ongoing resource requirements for assimilating freight accounting data into your current accounting system(s).

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