Freight Invoice Management

Achieve Best Practices in Managing Your Freight Invoices

When organizations partner with Cass for freight audit & payment, they replace chaos, administrative burdens and a lack of visibility with clarity, automation and control. From ensuring your carrier invoice requirements are met, to paying those invoices electronically and at the right time, we ensure excellence every step of the way.

Due to their complexity and high incidence of mistakes, freight invoices necessitate an automated and complex workflow. Most organizations that lack a highly automated and customized system for freight payment have substantial opportunity for process improvement.

Our invoice management processes for freight bills include the following:

  • Receive all invoices, working with carriers to use the most efficient method possible (goal = EDI)
  • Digitize paper invoices
  • Audit all charges for contract compliance, identify duplicates
  • Employ advanced capabilities for processing more difficult invoices such as balance dues, separately billed accessorials, and corrected invoices
  • Interface with carriers for dispute resolution
  • Allocate expenses
  • Pay carriers electronically, at the right time
  • Provide visibility to freight invoice, audit and payment information, as well as shipment activity

Process Improvement Benefits

  • Eliminate paper handling, routing and filing
  • Review exception invoices only
  • Centralize all freight invoice processing functions, eliminating non-uniform processes, and multiple systems
  • Real-time visibility to invoices (view as either EDI templates or digitized documents)
  • Long-term electronic archival of invoice documents
  • Offload dispute management and carrier inquiries to Cass
  • Maximize cash flow with invoices paid at the optimal time (no batch payments)
  • Receive detailed, correct cost allocation and accrual files, directly into your system
  • Gain visibility into invoice status, payment information, and operational metrics via CassPort®

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Invoice Data Becomes Business Intelligence

Extracting data at the most granular level from freight invoices and supporting documents, shipment files, and other records creates a powerful source of business intelligence that will help you fully understand your freight spend. For transportation and logistics managers, this data becomes the basis of informed decision making, targeted cost control measures, and process improvement initiatives.

Continuous Process Improvement

Superior execution in freight invoice processing will lower your overhead costs, minimize exception processing, and produce the most accurate and detailed business intelligence. For these reasons, Cass places a strong focus on continuous improvement to the freight invoice management process.

Process improvement initiatives focus on KPIs, with goals to:

  • Improve EDI percentage. This reduces fees and increases the amount of data collected for each invoice)
  • Improve rating success. A higher percentage of rated records improves audit quality and accrual accuracy.
  • Reduce exception volume. Fewer invoice exceptions means improved employee productivity.

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