Ratemaker® Freight Rating Software

Companies not using Cass’ freight payment services can still take advantage of the best freight rating software available.

The Cass Ratemaker® rating engine is offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. As a hosted freight rating application that securely stores, maintains, and retrieves all rates and charges, Ratemaker is the industry's most comprehensive freight rating system. With it, you can automate all freight rating functions, seamlessly integrating them with your existing systems.

Ratemaker’s advanced engine supports:

  • All modes of domestic and international transportation
  • All rate types and accessorial charges
  • All currencies and associated conversion factors

Designed to meet the complex requirements of major shippers and carriers, and is used for freight rating by major corporations including those in the chemical, paper, automotive, food and other manufacturing industries.

As a SaaS business application, Ratemaker is priced at a fraction of traditional rating software.

Why does a Shipper Need a Freight Rating System?

A comprehensive freight rating engine is critical to controlling transportation costs.

Accurately Audit your Freight Charges

Shipment Rating – calculates the total shipment charge for the selected carrier, origin, destination, commodity, and quantity combination. Accessorial charges are also calculated and included in the total shipment charge to provide an invaluable tool for shipment auditing.

Determine Exact Shipment Costs - Aid in Carrier Selection

Ratemaker provides timely and accurate information for making informed carrier selections. In the past, companies relied on legacy applications or hard copy freight rate guides to help select the most economical carrier. Ratemaker provides instant access to all applicable rates and charges. The Cass Ratemaker engine is continually updated to ensure that you not only have the latest rates, but also the latest technology. When multiple carriers serve a traffic lane, Ratemaker's Best Rate® feature presents a low-to-high cost ranking of these carriers. 

Immediate Rate Inquiries

Rate Inquiry – displays all rates for a selected carrier, origin, destination, and commodity combination or all carriers if a carrier is not specified. Applicable discounts, surcharges, accessorial charges and taxes are also displayed.

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