Cass Launches Cass FreightClaim360, a Freight Claims Application for Carriers

22 June 2021

Cass FreightClaim360™ automates freight claims management, improves customer service, and boosts the carrier’s bottom line. 

  • Most carriers use manual processes or dated, home-built solutions 
  • Interfaces with popular MercuryMyEZClaim platform for shippers  
  • Provides detailed visibility for greater understanding of trends and root causes 

ST. LOUIS, MO, June 22, 2021-- Cass Information Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CASS), the leading global provider of freight audit and payment solutions, has launched Cass FreightClaim360, a freight claims management application for carriers and other logistical service providers.  

The cloud-based software helps carriers automate each step of the claims lifecycle and gain extensive visibility into the details of claims. The scarcity of such solutions in the marketplace has left most carriers using manual processes or home-built solutions that make accessing information difficult. 

Built-for-purpose and highly flexible, FreightClaim360 provides centralized data and document storage, real-time visibility, built-in workflows and notifications, and robust reporting. It also helps carriers ensure compliance and consistency in how claims are processed, communicated, and approved. Watch the video to learn more. 

“Freight claims are an expensive problem, so improved processes and information are priorities,” commented Mark Campbell, president of Cass’s Transportation Information Services division. “Better visibility is the key to understanding root causes and knowing what corrective action to take.”  

TranSolutions, LLC, a subsidiary of MercuryGate, Inc., the leading provider of specialized cloud-based freight claims software for both shippers and carriers, developed and supports the software. Cass has been leveraging its claims application for shippers, MercuryMyEZClaim, since 2012 to provide a full-service claims management solution to shipper clients. MercuryMyEZClaim and FreightClaim360 easily interface for streamlined communications between shippers and carriers.  

Jeff Carlson, Cass’s global vice president of sales and marketing, added, “Freight claims are painful for everyone involved. When carriers and shippers both have better tools that help them to work together more efficiently and effectively, the whole industry is better for it.” It is Cass’s goal to enable that evolution.  

As Cass expands its product offerings in 2021 and beyond, it will continue to focus on enhancing the carrier as well as shipper experience. 

Learn more or request a demo of the carrier claims software.


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