A Shipper's Guide to 2024 GRIs

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5.9% is the number we all know for parcel rate increases this year.  

But the difficulty of this single number is that it can lead shippers to believe this is the overall increase to expect in 2024. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Since GRIs only apply to the base rate, and surcharges usually have larger increases, your total parcel costs will almost certainly increase by more (quite a bit more) than the GRI. 

Gain a better understanding of the GRIs and see how to take a calculated approach to managing your 2024 parcel costs. By investing the time and using the right tools, you can minimize the impact of rate increases on your shipping budget. 

Get our guide to help you navigate the challenging few months ahead. In it, we’re looking at: 

  • An overview of 2024’s GRIs: FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL 
  • Strategies for navigating GRIs, including the one thing to hold off on 
  • How to leverage technology to get through every New Year  
  • Advice for systematically optimizing your spend (and when) 

Download the PDF


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