Freight Rating

Superior Freight Rating Tightens Cost Controls

The Cass freight rating application, Ratemaker®, is used to rate tens of thousands of shipments each day for movements all over the world. Meeting the highest standards in freight rating, Ratemaker supports all modes, complex geographical and mileage exceptions, all currencies, all rate types and accessorial charges. 

During implementation, the Cass account team assists each client in extracting rate information from its contracts and loading it into Ratemaker, the Cass freight rating engine, to produce accurate rate tables. Rates must be precise and well maintained in order to facilitate an accurate audit. Cass leverages extensive expertise in understanding all transportation modes and billing terms, including Incoterms that will affect rating. 

A comprehensive freight rating system is essential to maintaining tight cost controls. The goal in freight audit and payment is to automate processes as much as possible. Freight rating is key to achieving a high level of automation.

Your freight rating system serves two main functions; it enables the automated audit of carrier invoices and freight accrual calculations.

Freight Rating for Invoice Audit Purposes

Cass clients inform Cass of their shipment activities electronically. Through secure system integration between the Cass freight payment system and the client’s transportation management systems, our clients transfer shipment files. Using Ratemaker, Cass rates the cost of each shipment and creates a record within our freight payment system to later audit against received freight invoices.

Freight Rating for Accrual Purposes

Cass clients can easily accrue for logistical expenses that have been incurred but not yet paid. Cass provides accruals for:

  • Shipments in which an invoice has been received, but not yet paid, because it is scheduled for future payment.

  • Shipments that have taken place, but an invoice has not yet been received. In this case, the Cass freight payment system is “aware” of the shipment because it has previously received a shipment record from the customer’s TMS or other system.

The Cass freight audit and payment application reviews all invoices and distinguishes between paid and non-paid shipments, and generates accrual files for each client. These detailed files, customized to each client’s accounting rules, are delivered directly into the client’s ERP or accounting system. 

Additionally, shippers can use the BestRate® feature within Ratemaker to look up rates and compare carrier costs side-by-side to aid in carrier selection.


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