Telecom Expense Management Services

  • Accurately track and manage telecom assets
  • Streamline processes
  • Optimize telecom expense management costs
  • Audits & transparent reporting

We saved over $5.1m for a leading manufacturer. See how.

Telecom Expense Management Services for Global Enterprises

Effective telecom expense management services require a quality end-to-end service. That’s why we offer complete visibility and unparalleled support throughout the telecoms lifecycle. Our service enables your end-users to be as successful as possible by providing them with the devices they want to work, in the locations they want to be.


Audits & Reporting

We continuously audit your entire telecom environment, including billing records, contracts, tariffs, and inventories. Get complete visibility and real results.

invoice management

Invoice Management

We consolidate complex billing information, allowing for effective inventory and asset management, dispute management, and more.


Advice & Support

Our team of accredited experts work as an extension of your organization to deliver a five-star service. We free up time so your teams can focus on their core responsibilities.

Timely Invoice Payment

No other telecom expense management services provider can offer the same level of secure payment capabilities. We leverage our wholly-owned subsidiary, Cass Commercial Bank – a US Federal Reserve-member bank – to make electronic payments directly to carriers. This avoids lockboxes, checks, and all forms of human error.


Eliminate late fees


Avoid service interruptions


No more misapplied payments


Global multi‑currency support

Invoice Audit & Dispute

Systematic invoice audits are an integral component of telecom expense management services. We identify anomalies on invoices and review contract-compliance, ensuring all discounts and rates, as described in the contract terms, are honored.

Our staff of dedicated professionals manage carrier invoice disputes via sophisticated workflow tools. Thanks to long-term working relationships with telecom carriers, we have knowledge of the correct procedures and access to all dispute channels. We can resolve all billing errors, credits, refunds, cost reduction opportunities, and credit and recovery issues quickly and effectively.

chargebacks and allocation according to best practices as standard

Chargebacks & Allocation

Gain full visibility of your billing data with charges precisely allocated to the correct cost-center and automated via custom integration to your General Ledger.

See exactly who is using what – giving greater accuracy in departmental spend and budgeting, providing hard evidence to assist IT in justifying costs, and creating a powerful driver for more responsible end-user behavior.

In the Cass plan, chargebacks are based on exact consumption, making it particularly valuable for enterprises employing pool plans for their mobility costs.

Ready for Real Telecom Expense Management Services?

If you’re looking for telecom expense management services that ensure every line-item charge on every telecom invoice you receive gets audited every month, you’ve come to the right place. If you want a team of professionals to manage issues with carriers, recover all overcharges, and track your savings, speak to us today.

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Telecom Audits

Take the first step to a more optimized telecom inventory. Improve efficiency throughout your enterprise, uncover valuable cost-saving opportunities, and deliver the savings you need to justify a long-term global telecom expense management program with our comprehensive, one-stop service.

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3 Ways Telecom Expense Audits Save Your Enterprise Money

Telecoms Benchmarking, Sourcing & Procurement

We help you get the best rates and the optimum terms. With visibility into many vendors and a deep understanding of what they are really willing to give, we are perfectly placed to help our customers enter new contracts. From initial request for proposal, through tender process, and negotiation, to terms of agreement, we support you every step of the way.

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Invoice Management

Cass processes over 240,000 invoices every single day, from countries across the globe, with global multi-currency support. By systematically consolidating complex billing information from multiple sources into a single repository, we gather data that enables inventory and asset management, auditing and dispute management, and enterprise reporting.

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invoice management globally

Provisioning & Inventory Management

At many enterprises, provisioning activities (MACD) are managed separately from telecom expenses. This creates opportunities for inaccurate billing, while overcharges go undetected. Our integrated telecom provisioning and full-service telecom expense management provides solid controls to manage costs.

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Choose Telecom Expense Management Services that Deliver

Delivering effective telecom expense management services isn't just about making savings. It’s about making savings while providing an end-to-end service that supports your people globally.

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