Why Cass?

We take responsibility and accountability to the smallest detail. Our service puts your success first, investing in your enterprise and working together to achieve your goals. Our focus on our customers enables us to deliver better results and a higher quality service.

#1 in customer satisfaction

#1 in customer satisfaction

People choose Cass because they need a service that delivers quality results across the globe. By building our service around the needs of enterprise-level organizations, we can deliver tangible results and real savings. Our TEM service enables your end-users to be as successful as possible, by providing them with the devices they want to work with, in the locations they need to be in.

This is how we’ve built, and continue to build, strong customer relationships and a market-leading service.

We’re proud of our customer retention record. So proud in fact, that we’re transparent about every customer who has moved on and which ones come back time and time again.

With a 99.7% retention rate over since 2011, we’re unbeaten in TEM customer satisfaction.

Retention rates chart


Cass is the market leader in client satisfaction among TEM business process outsourcers. Ratings provided by enterprise clients clearly indicate a high degree of satisfaction and confidence with Cass’s performance across the most common TEM management activities performed.

Timothy C. Colwell,
SVP of Global Performance Management – AOTMP

service not just software

A People Business Supported by Software

Engage Cass and you get our best people and the full weight of our expertise. Cass works best as an extension of your teams, eliminating busy-work so employees are freed to focus on core strategy, while we streamline processes and deliver impressive savings.

Our first-class service is supported by powerful technology. Customers love their intuitive and comprehensive ExpenseSmart® user portal, which gives offers all fixed, mobile, and IT expenses and data are in one place.

Over a Century of Stability

From our beginnings in 1906 as Cass Bank, our history has been one of steady growth, supported by consistent stability. Today Cass is a publicly traded company, providing services around the globe and offering the best in telecom management.

Cass (NASDAQ: CASS) is a publicly traded financial holding company, and therefore is subject to regulation and examination by the SEC, Nasdaq, and the U.S. Federal Reserve relating to accounting standards and controls, disclosure requirements, corporate governance, safety and soundness. While other TEM services providers are churning, you can be certain of your future with Cass.

Over a Century of Stability

Proven in Payment Management

Trusted With

>$60 Billion

in annual disbursements, managed by over 1,200 employees globally

We Process and Pay

>66 Million

invoices each year

We Process Invoices Covering


countries on 6 continents, and can pay in 114 currencies

We Own the Bank

We Own the Bank

Thanks to Cass Bank, Cass customers enjoy the benefits of our global electronic payment network. With it, we can make payments around the world in local currency, from one master currency.

Cass offers unbeatable secure payment capabilities and is the only provider that provides the security of a regulated entity.

  • Regulated by the U.S. Federal Reserve.
  • All employees must pass rigorous criminal and financial background checks.
  • Privacy Shield certified.

Best-in-Class Implementation

Once a contract is signed, time-to-value is the highest priority. That’s why we developed our proprietary CassBridge implementation process. It guides customers from contract signing to go-live in under 90 days.

CassBridge is especially effective when you migrate from an incumbent provider to Cass, which takes us fewer than 60 days. Of course, the Cass service team takes on all the heavy lifting, so the burden of switching vendors never falls on your shoulders.


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