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  • Reduce cloud spend by up to 60%
  • Advice from AWS, GCP & Azure cloud experts
  • Zero risk to your IT teams or business

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Cloud Management Audit

Form your risk-free, 90-day cloud audit, simply fill out the form below. A member of the team will be in touch to arrange your audit at a time to suit you.

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Optimized Cloud Costs

Cloud Cost Audit

Using cloud experts and best practice, you can reduce your IaaS and PaaS costs by as much as 60%

Increase Cloud Adoption

Increase Cloud Adoption

By optimizing your cloud expenses, you immediately gain budget room for upcoming projects

DevOps Partnership

DevOps Partnership

By working in partnership with your IT department, your audit delivers savings without taxing your team

A Simple, 3 Step Cloud Cost Audit

During your audit, we will provide 3 types of recommendations: Idle, Rightsize, and Purchase. Together our recommendations can save your organization as much as 60% on overall cloud costs.

  • 1Idle
  • 2Rightsize
  • 3Purchase
Cloud Audit

1. Eliminate Idle Resources

Organizations waste between 40-60% of their cloud capacity due to the inability to easily track idle cloud capacity that is paid for but not used.

We analyze your cloud to identify idle resources and provide recommendations for optimization. You have time to review all recommendations and have final call over changes.

Cloud Audit Cass

2. Rightsize Your Cloud Environment

According to AWS, rightsizing can cut costs by 36%. By running workloads on instances with smaller footprints, you reduce waste in your cloud environment.

By analyzing your cloud data and product catalogs, we identify underutilized resources. This allows you to get a clear picture of your environment and what is being used.

Cloud Audit Opportunities

3. Determine Your Optimized Purchasing Strategy

Almost 30% of businesses say they have little to no understanding of vendor lock-in. This critical purchasing decision is one of many that can have an impact on cloud spend.

Based on our audit, we identify savings opportunities through better reserved instance purchasing. Spot market purchasing allows us to define and control exactly how much you need, so you avoid overpaying on computing power.

Enterprises Spend 30-60% More than They Should on Cloud Services

Are you overspending?

Form your risk-free, 90-day cloud audit, simply fill out the form below. A member of the team will be in touch to arrange your audit at a time to suit you.

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A Cloud Cost Audit Takes Less than 30 Minutes to Set Up and You Can Start Saving Within 30 Days

Our 90-day audit is designed to be fast, effective and non-intrusive. For your complete peace of mind, we make sure that you retain complete control over your cloud. Here’s how it works:



Within your CSP environment, simply credential our systems to pull read-only configuration, cost and usage data. We will pull the data using APIs once we have credentials.



Provide us with any custom discounting or contracts between you and your CSPs.


Start Saving

That's it! We get to work and together, you can start saving money in less than 30 days.

Reduce the Budget Impact of AWS & Azure with a Cloud Cost Audit

In just 90 days, you could reduce your cloud budget

Form your risk-free, 90-day cloud audit, simply fill out the form below. A member of the team will be in touch to arrange your audit at a time to suit you.

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Cloud Audit - Cass Information Systems


Your 90-day audit comes at absolutely no risk to you. You simply pay with the savings we make together. Based on the recommendations you approve; we calculate the cost based on 25% of 6-months savings. This is calculated only upon completion of your audit.

Plus, you are billed on a Net 30 basis, so you are guaranteed to be paying out of savings you have already received.

Cloud has a compound annual growth rate of 40%. With spend on public cloud IaaS and PaaS on the rise, managing costs is becoming more and more important. The problem is that many IT teams lack the time to go back and optimize previously migrated workloads, which are often inefficiently set up and wasting money.

Some IT teams don’t even have to tools to undertake audits into historical cloud workloads. Our audit gives you the tools and expertise you need to make informed actions for improving your cloud environment.

Our audit takes 90 days to complete. This allows you time to plan and action the recommendations our cloud experts make. Our team is trained in AWS, Azure, and GCP and offer real, actionable recommendations for your cloud optimization.

During setup, one of your AWS/Azure/GCP admins will need to grant our tools permissions. This allows them to pull cost, configuration and usage data. We can guide you through this process, which takes no longer than an hour to complete.

During the review stage, you assign a primary reviewer. Their job is to look at the recommendations we have made. The primary reviewer will likely spend 4 – 8 hours per set of recommendations and may require support from other team member.

Your Cass audit team is made up of GCP, AWS and Microsoft certified experts. They are solely focused on cloud optimization.

Our proprietary technology applies over 550 best-practice audit checks against your environment. In addition to our tools, our service includes the critical human touch that ensures practical recommendations.

Our service is based around strong partnerships. We work flexibly with your IT teams and offer support that allows you to make informed decisions and rollout effective changes.

Depending on your business and the savings opportunities you approve based on our audit, you can save up to 60% on monthly cloud expenses. Our combination of purchase, idle resources, and rightsizing recommendations offers the potential for thousands of dollars of savings.