Telecom Billing Management

  • Consolidate invoice & billing data
  • Automate processes
  • Eliminate spend inaccuracies
  • Secure payment transactions

An Expert Telecom Billing Management Solution

The Cass invoice management solution facilitates the monthly management of telecom invoices for both fixed and mobile expenses. 

Our solution systematically consolidates complex telecom billing management information from multiple sources into a single repository for automated invoice processing, inventory and asset management, auditing and dispute management and enterprise reporting. Then, the solution presents information real-time, in a common format, organized by business unit, geographic location, service and vendor.

Cass Helps You Manage:

  • Invoice receipt
  • Invoice data entry
  • Electronic loading
  • Cost allocation
  • Approval routing
  • Automated interfacing of voucher and general ledger-related information
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Inventory & asset management
  • Auditing & dispute management
  • Enterprise reporting

How Does Cass Improve The Telecom Billing Management Process?

Excellent telecom invoice management requires robust protocols that are efficient and future-proof. At Cass, we conduct telecom billing management in an electronic format, reducing manual effort and inaccuracies. Additionally, our software is specialized for the needs of telecom billing management, helping to maintain your data – from invoices, service orders and contracts – to ensure complete accuracy.

We use a unique combination of Cass automated processes and our team of experts to manage your invoice processes and audit billing, line by line. Telecom costs are accurately charged to the appropriate accounts in your ERP/general ledger, without room for error. Processes such as invoice approval and routing process are simple and can be approved quickly via our Web portal - a platform that provides visibility of all your telecom billing management processes.


Benefits of Our Telecom Billing Management Service

With strong process controls, you unlock reliable, accurate information about how much you spend on telecom, making it easy to bid our services or negotiate new contracts with suppliers. IT teams can easily report how much your organization spends on telecom services, as in-depth as location, workgroup, and individual.

By working with Cass, you can ensure that you have strong controls, low costs and optimum visibility into your telecom costs. In other words, Cass clients score big!

Telecom Invoice Audit Best Practice in EDI

The hallmark of Cass’ best practice is our telecom invoice management methodology. Charge-level audits only become feasible when invoices are received via EDI ANSI 811 format, which essentially provides 100% of the invoice documentation.

The Cass telecom expense management platform receives over 85% of all invoices electronically. As part of ongoing operations, Cass will move as many invoices as possible to electronic delivery. All invoice data is displayed in a common format, regardless of the input method.

Converting paper to EDI means that, instead of receiving summary information, invoices can be analyzed at the most granular level possible – the charge level, which some carriers refer to as the Universal Service Order Code (USOC) level. Many other telecom expense management methodologies:

  1. Depend on paper invoices as the primary source of data content
  2. Accept EDI ANSI 811 invoice files, but don’t use all the data content, or 
  3. Use alternative EDI file formats that don’t contain all USOC detail

Begin Your Journey with an Enterprise Telecom Audit 

A critical component of telecom invoice management is an enterprise telecom audit process that systematically applies business logic against incoming invoices to look for billing errors.

The Cass telecom expense management team reviews audit results and savings recommendations regularly with clients. Our team works alongside our clients in ensuring positive business results.

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Secure and Timely Telecom Invoice Payment

Most Cass telecom expense management customers select Cass to provide bill payment services, which streamlines the payment process and improves payment tracking.

Cass Commercial Bank, a Federal Reserve member bank and subsidiary of Cass Information Systems, facilitates payment transactions for Cass telecom expense management customers through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network wherever possible.

Cass confirms receipt of electronic payments, which greatly reduces vendor late payment claims. The Cass invoice payment engine flags remit addresses electronically if there is a change, ensuring payments are directed correctly. No other telecom expense management service provider offers this unique level of secure payment capabilities because no other telecom expense management provider operates a bank subsidiary.

Discover Why Cass Clients Choose Our Telecom Billing Management Services

Cass serves many industry-leading organizations including Clorox, Kohls, Michelin, Nationwide Insurance, Staples, Sonoco and many others. Discover our case studies today.

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