Telecom Expense Audits

  • Optimize your telecom inventory
  • Uncover cost-savings
  • Establish long-term visibility
  • Improve efficiency 

Get Your Arms Around EU & APAC Expense

A continuous, systematic telecom audit as part of a telecom expense management (TEM) program is an integral component of Cass services in the US, but throughout the rest of the world the full value of telecom expense management is rarely appreciated.

Because we’re a global telecom expense management vendor delivering the same high standards around the globe, a telecom audit from Cass enables you to truly get to grips with your global telecom expenses.

We deliver asset visibility throughout all your locations, enable you to get on top of your global telecom spend, and drive substantial cost-savings to fund a long-term global telecom expense management program.

Get Your Arms Around EU & APAC Expense

A Full-service Telecom Audit

With Cass, your telecom audit is performed by expert telecom professionals who review contracts, billing records, inventories, and tariffs by location. Our methodical, full-service audits are designed for detail and will help you achieve measurable results.



We audit every line item of every invoice to provide a clearer view of your telecom inventory.



Experienced staff methodically document each and every item to provide insight into cost saving opportunities.



A telecom audit provides a valuable starting point to optimize your telecom environment and reduce unnecessary costs.

Fund Your Procure-to-pay Project

Our telecom audit service is a one-stop solution that delivers valuable insight into your telecom inventory to minimize non-essential expenses. But by reinvesting cost-savings in an ongoing procure-to-pay project, you can keep your environment optimized and generate savings year-on-year.

Telecom expense management from Cass is a fully-managed, end-to-end service that provides complete visibility throughout the telecom lifecycle. Delivering unmatched customer satisfaction, our seamless service is built around your needs. And, with over 60 years of experience in delivering substantial expense management savings, we deliver a solution that more than pays for itself.


Business Transformation Programs

Offering an opportunity to streamline business practices, better respond to market opportunities, and improve bottom-line, business transformation programs have grown to become a core focus of the modern-day enterprise.

With Cass’s comprehensive telecom audit, you gain a valuable snapshot of your telecom architecture and a detailed understanding of where assets are based, how they interact, and the work needed to transform.

For transformation projects, our audits can:

  • Quantify the cost-savings a transformation can generate.
  • Deliver information on billing records, contracts, tariffs, and inventories of each enterprise location.
  • Offer insight into telecom inventory to calculate project ROI.
  • Provide clarity into the locations and performance of digital assets throughout the organization.

Unparalleled Control & Cost-savings

Cass delivers a comprehensive review of all telecom assets and services by location, putting you in control of your inventory and producing valuable cost-saving opportunities.

From misapplied billing and incorrect contract rates, to services you no longer use or need, we will help you take charge of your telecom spend and recoup unnecessary outgoings with our telecom audit. And, with Cass on hand delivering unmatched reliability, experience, and insight, you’ll receive unparalleled attention to detail, unmatched stability, and a level of service you won’t find anywhere else.


A Telecom Audit is the First Step to a Better Telecom Environment

If you want to discover how much an optimized telecom inventory can help you save, get in touch today.

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