• Build your mobile ecosystem with the latest devices
  • Own the devices your organization uses
  • Repay as a service charge
  • A convenient, single-step solution

Connect Your Workforce with Device-as-a-Service

Expand your enterprise’s mobile environment with a network of connected devices. Get the latest iPhones and other smart devices for your workforce without the need for an immediate outlay of capital.

We offer a solution to the expense of mobile device investment that is bundled with our service agreement. Own the devices your company uses and spread out the cost through your service charges with Device-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Financial Freedom

Reduce the Impact

Cass’s innovative solution frees you from the balance sheet impact of loans or leases while dramatically improving cash flow.

Own Your Devices

Own Your Devices

Thanks to Device-as-a-Service, your devices belong to you. It’s a simple solution that gives you freedom and assurance in your tech investment.

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A Unique Solution

Because Cass is the only provider to actually own the bank, we can provide unique and creative solutions to your hardware needs.

Device-as-a-Service Is A Solution That Doesn't Affect the Balance Sheet

Keeping your workforce connected through telecoms services is essential. However, the investment to ensure your employees get the latest smart technology is expensive, especially across a large-scale organization needing potentially thousands of new phones or tablets, costing millions of dollars to purchase.

With Cass Device-as-a-Service, we remove that initial hurdle from the equation. Get your devices into the hands of your employees immediately, without worry and stress, in a convenient fashion that works for you. Our Device-as-a-Service solution allows you to acquire the devices with peace of mind – just straightforward monthly payments built into your standard service charge.



Combine monthly hardware payments with best-in-class Managed Mobility Services into a single monthly service fee.

Spread the Cos

Spread the Cost

Minimize the impact to your cashflow by spreading the cost of your devices.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Gain access to a team ready to support you at a moment’s notice, available 24/7, 365 days a year.

How Cass's Offering is Different

Cass’s Device-as-a-Service is a convenient, single-step answer that gives your company the means to distribute the latest technology across the workforce.

We source and purchase the devices you need. You own the devices and are free to use them to meet your requirements. The cost of that purchase is then spread out and repaid as part of your service charge, and not as a loan. This means there’s no debt hanging over your company’s head.

When the hardware cost for a fleet of smartphones is millions of dollars, your business needs to be able to take that step in full confidence. Cass's Device-as-a-Service gives you complete control over how you manage your mobile network.


How Cass Offering is Different

Get Access to the Devices You Need, Faster

Cass's Device-as-a-Service gets the latest technology into the hands of your employees, while helping you spread the cost in a manageable way. Speak to us today to learn more about bundling your hardware purchases with your service charge repayments.

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