Cloud Cost Optimization Services

  • Save up to 60% on cloud costs
  • Streamline your cloud environment
  • Increase efficient cloud adoption

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Best Practice Cloud Cost Optimization Services

By optimizing your cloud assets, you keep your operations lean and have greater control over your spend. We’ve combined our best practice spend-management techniques with cloud-native expertise to offer your business a way to get clarity and control over your cloud environments.


Cost Transparency

We leverage detailed billing and usage data from your CSPs. Combined with tagging data and cost center information, we establish full visibility of who is spending how much in your IaaS and PaaS environments.



We utilize our proprietary process and tools to identify areas of waste and inefficiency. Your teams can focus on cloud adoption while we focus on cost and performance optimization.


Advice & Ongoing Support

Our team of CSP-certified experts partner with your DevOps team to review the optimization opportunities and determine the best implementation path. We will do as much of the heavy lifting as you'd like.

Full Transparency Over Your Cloud Spend

Thanks to our in-depth reporting, you have total visibility over your cloud assets and their associated costs. We present you with all the opportunities for monthly savings and will action them as soon as you’re happy to do so. There’s no obligation to act on our recommendations if you don’t want to. You remain in full control of your cloud.

The Benefits of Cloud Cost Optimization Services


Visibility & Control

In addition to having control over your cloud costs, our service offers you greater visibility over your entire cloud environment. This allows you to strategize and scale with confidence.


Reduce Cloud Spend

An optimized cloud infrastructure can result in savings of up to 60% on your monthly spend. You can then reinvest your budget in enterprise innovation or IT upgrades.


Increase Efficiency

Once optimized, your cloud technology will be working harder for your enterprise. This gives you the confidence that you’re getting the most possible value out of your tech.

Make Cost Savings of 30-60%

Optimize your cloud costs today.

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Rightsizing keeps your cloud environment lean and optimized. Part of our service involves making recommendations that keep your cloud environment performing at its best.

Working in partnership with you, we review hourly usage files and generate workload heat-maps. This helps us identify idle periods and provide recommendations for spinning-down resources when they’re not required. If a resource can work on a smaller instance without compromising performance, we can migrate it. This reduces wastage and keeps your cloud operating at peak capacity.

But we understand the need for scalability. That’s why we proactively monitor your usage. We work with you, providing ongoing recommendations to ensure optimization today and into the future.

Reserved Instance Recommendations

Reserved instance purchase recommendations cover your real-time usage at a discounted rate. Working with industry-leading vendors, we’ll arrange better prices for the reserved instances you need.

Working as an extension of your team, we’ll scour hourly usage feeds to identify always-on workloads and provide recommendations for migration to cheaper pricing models.

We can even execute migration on your behalf, working directly with vendors, not resellers, to maximize the cost-benefit. With Cass, you’re given the lowest total cost of ownership option for each instance – no matter how complex your cloud.

Why Cass for Cloud Cost Optimization Services?


Access Cloud Expertise

We work as an extension of your IT department, bringing our cloud expertise into your enterprise.

Your dedicated Cass team is made up of AWS, Azure and GCP certified experts. They are solely focused on cloud optimization.

beyond automation

More Than Simple Automation

Our proprietary technology applies over 550 best-practice audit checks against your environment.

In addition to our tools, our service includes the critical human touch that ensures practical recommendations.


Trusted Service Provider

As the leading enterprise expense management service provider, Cass is trusted by businesses worldwide.

We manage over $60bn in complex payables for businesses all over the world.

Case Study

A large technology company we worked with leverages AWS and Azure in a multi-cloud environment.

Over the course of the program, we:

  • Identified opportunities to reduce spend by 67%
  • Increased tagging consistency
  • Freed up over $1M of IT operating budget for other projects
  • Implemented detailed cost-center chargeback across enterprise
  • Identified over 400 idle resources still billing in their environments
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Enterprises Are Spending 30‑60% More Than They Should On Cloud. Discover Cloud Cost Optimization Services.

Speak to our cloud experts today and discover how we can help you streamline your cloud environment.

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