Bring Your Own Internet

  • Empower your employees to work remotely
  • Increase productivity through high performance network connections
  • Reduced spend on office space and travel
  • Securely access corporate information via a VPN
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Cass BYOI: A New Model for Remote Working

Bring Your Own Internet (BYOI) is an initiative that enables your employees to use their own, personal broadband network to access and support their work when at home.

Calls to improve the average work/life balance have led to a surge in employees adopting remote working, and the BYOI model brings many benefits to businesses looking to adopt it. At Cass, we help you maximize the potential of the work from home model by helping you control costs and eliminate the risks that come with staff using their own providers.

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Why Utilize a BYOI Model?

empower employees

Empower Employees

Giving employees control over where and how they complete their work brings improved job satisfaction and increased staff availability, with productivity improving among happier employees.

reduce cable overhead

Reduced Cable Overhead

Widely-available, high-speed consumer class broadband means your employees can work productively, and your enterprise doesn't need to spend money on more costly business class broadband installation.

Installation fees

It Makes IT's Job Easier

BYOI is incredibly simple to implement. To get started, staff just need their own internet connection and a VPN to securely access corporate systems, freeing up time and resources for your IT department.

new working landscape1

The New Working Landscape

With an increase in employees working from home due to both employers adopting more broad telecommuting policies for an enhanced working environment, as well as the Covid-19 crisis, remote working is swiftly becoming the standard for many workers and enterprises. BYOI enables your organization to adapt to the trends, giving your employees the option to use their own internet connection to access their work.

Cass gives your enterprise a clear head start with this new model of work, giving you greater visibility into BYOI costs and how they fit into your broader telecoms infrastructure.

What Cass Brings to BYOI

carrier payments

Direct2Carrier Payments

Manage employee reimbursement with our patented solution, which delivers reimbursement directly to the employee’s carrier account.

empower employees

Improved Experience

Improve the end-user experience by giving users the freedom to work how they choose, improving the work/life balance and enabling employees to be just as productive at home.

increased controls

Variable Bandwidth

Customers need to leverage cloud communication tools to ensure the best quality. We offer a stipend to supplement increased speeds, supporting a variety of applications.

benefits of byoi2

The Benefits of BYOI for Your Business

BYOI breaks down many of the hurdles associated with working from home for many businesses. High-quality internet connections in every household mean you don’t need to worry about the quality of your employee’s connection.

By enhancing the end-user experience, BYOI boosts productivity and employee satisfaction. The model grants your employees total freedom over how they choose to work when working remotely.

BYOI offers you greater visibility across your mobile ecosystem. We make sure your costs are managed for you, and your business only pays one simple bill. We'll negotiate the ideal contracts for your organization and remove the burden of managing costs for an entire workforce.

Staff save money when working remotely too, avoiding the need to commute – this offers a better work/life balance for your employees.

BYOI is More Necessary Now Than Ever Before

Remote working is becoming a staple across the world. BYOI is an exciting new solution for businesses looking to embrace the initiative and maximise the potential of their remote workforce. We offer BYOI expense management services to support your business transformation.

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