Mobile Lifecycle Management

  • End-to-end mobility lifecycle management
  • Sourcing strategy expertise
  • Competitive contract negotiation
  • Streamline deployment

Mobile Lifecycle Management for Global Businesses

Cass works for you to ensure all your business devices are sourced, deployed, and retired maturely – helping unlock better business value across your sourcing and logistics strategy. Most importantly, Cass is always dedicated to maintaining timely, efficient, and secure delivery throughout the entire process.

Sourcing vision-1

Sourcing and Purchasing

With sourcing and procurement capabilities worldwide, Cass has the global expertise and visibility that’s needed to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end management.

Forward & reverse logistics 2

Forward and Reverse Logistics

From staging, kitting, and deployment, to repair, recycling, and resale, Cass's expert team works with you to streamline and optimize your entire environment.

Device recycling

Device Recycling

Our specialist agents manage all your device recycling processes for you, so you know your business is always compliant with governmental standards.

The Critical Capabilities for Mobile Lifecycle Management

Global visable assets

Sourcing & contract negotiation

Forward & reverse logistics

Forward & reverse logistics

Staging & kitting

Staging & kitting

Repair, replacement, recycling, and resale

Repair, replacement, recycling, and resale

Sourcing and Contract Negotiation

We use our years of sourcing and contract management expertise to secure a strong negotiating position with suppliers – whether it’s as an advisor or by making the data available to our specialist procurement outsourcing partner – meaning Cass always delivers a competitive, cost-effective sourcing strategy for your business.

What’s more, our experts will proactively identify consolidation opportunities in suppliers, and guarantee that vendors comply with service management obligations, to unlock greater control and efficiency throughout the mobile lifecycle.

Sourcing and Contract Negotiation
Forward and Reverse Logistics-1

Forward and Reverse Logistics

We support your supply chain management by optimizing the connection between your forward and reverse logistics.

For the entire mobile lifecycle, end-to-end, Cass’s team of managed mobility service experts assist with staging, kitting, deployment, repair, recycling, and resale.

Efficiency Begins with Mobile Lifecycle Management from Cass

With over 60 years of experience in telecom management, Cass meticulously keeps every aspect of your sourcing and logistics strategy optimized to unlock the best value for your business.

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Staging and Kitting

Speed up the physical deployment of your hardware for good with Cass’s staging and kitting management.

By ensuring your mobile devices are set-up and ready to go, we optimize efficiency across your deployment strategy and remove the burden of staging and kitting processes from internal IT departments. Cass identifies hardware or configuration defects during this phase, ensuring smooth device deployment across your business.

Additionally, we’ll hold an inventory of devices not currently in use and keep items safely stored in a secure location.

Staging and Kitting

How Does Cass Maintain a Major US Drugstore's Mobile Inventory with 97% Accuracy?

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Depot, Repair, Recycling, and Resale

It couldn’t be easier to retire or replace a device.

We take care of safe device recycling or refurbishment and manage retrieval of all devices from employees.

If a device needs to be retired, data is destroyed and devices sanitized to governmental standards as set in NIST SP 800-88 guidelines. Cass offers flexible IT asset disposition solutions for all managed mobility service needs, while ensuring your brand is fully protected.


Our Processes

  • Working devices/components are refurbished, reset, and prepared for reuse.
  • Devices no longer wanted are sold on the open market, maximizing the value returned.
  • Non-working phones, components, and accessories are recycled following stringent environmental standards.

The Only Expert You Need for Mobile Lifecycle Management

Improve control and visibility of your mobility environment using Cass. We manage the entire mobility lifecycle, end-to-end.

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