Managed UEM Solution and Security Management

  • Manage corporate and personal data separately 
  • Comprehensive end-point security
  • Global support for all devices
  • Deliver a ‘ready-to-work’ mobile experience

Managed UEM Solution for Global Organizations

Streamline the way your team works by supporting a diverse mobile environment. As part of our managed mobility services, unified endpoint management (UEM) empowers your end-users to work on the device of their choice, whether that’s corporate-issued or their personal device as part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative. This greatly improves their experience as end-users, while simultaneously giving your organization more control.

We allow your enterprise to create a secure mobile ecosystem that enables your people to swap between work and leisure on the same device without compromising security, all managed from a single portal.

Centralized App and Data Control

Centralized App and Data Control

Manage an entire ecosystem of mobile devices from a single location, giving you complete visibility over your network. This solution gives the enterprise total control.

Freedom of work

Freedom of Work

Offer your employees enhanced flexibility and access in the way they work. Instantly deliver policies and updates to your entire network of mobile users for a seamless experience.

Improved security

Improved Security

Lockdown your corporate data by ensuring all endpoints adhere to a standard network security policy, while remaining accessible for end-users. 

A Secure and Compliant UEM Solution

Our UEM solution gives you an in-depth view of your entire mobility environment. Give your employees complete freedom at work, and improve the end-user experience, by giving them the ability to separate personal and corporate information on the same device, while keeping enterprise data secure. 

Ecosystem management

Ecosystem Management

Manage your devices to make smarter business decisions.

Automated mobility lifecycle

Automated Mobility Lifecycle

Self-activate devices and assign access based on ownership.

Management endppoint

Combine MDM and MAM

Dispense management functionality across every mobile endpoint in your organization.

You Choose the Platform, Cass Provides the Expertise

Improving the End-user Experience

Our UEM solution is designed to both improve the end-user experience and give enterprises more control over their environment, enabling them to control an entire network of devices from a single, centralized location. 

Cass can leverage the UEM solution of your choice. When combined with Apple Business Manager, this creates a fast, flexible, and easy device deployment process that end-users love. 

Improving the End-User Experience

Give Employees Freedom with BYOD

The Bring Your Own Device initiative makes up the core of effective UEM implementation. Cass offers a truly innovative approach to enterprise-wide BYOD management, allowing you to manage risk and cost while empowering your team.

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We Sit at the Heart of Your Mobility Infrastructure

Security Management-1

Security Management

Keep your corporate data secure even when mobile end-users are accessing it from their own personal devices through a variety of security management tools.

Empower your employees across your entire mobility network to readily access corporate resources and information, while providing the ability to remotely lock or wipe data in the event of stolen or lost devices. This corporate information is separated from an employee’s personal content by specialist containerization technology.

Visibility & Control

Administrative privileges are available to those that require them, and data is secured via encryption. Authentication is required to access the data, and network access controls mean that only the right personnel can reach it in the first place. Sensitive corporate content is further protected by antivirus software.

To protect your mobile devices, Cass works with trusted partners to deliver a fortified security solution.

Visibility & Control

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