Cloud Security Management

  • Secure IaaS environments
  • Mitigate risk
  • Complete peace of mind

Comprehensive Cloud Security Across Your Whole Environment

Safeguard your cloud with our managed security services. Operate with complete peace of mind as your cloud environment is proactively monitored and risks are managed by a team of cloud security experts. Your cloud is subjected to over 550 best practice checks, so you can be confident in the security of your enterprise.

proactive monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

We understand the need for a robust security service for your cloud environment. To respond effectively to the latest cyber threats, we proactively monitor your cloud for threats to your systems.


Support When You Need It

To support your IT department, we provide a team of cloud experts. Along with self-healing automation and other tools, our team helps you manage the deployment of patches and security responses.


In-Depth Reporting

For complete visibility, we offer views of all fixes, patches, and changes to your public cloud. Managed through user-friendly dashboards, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your cloud security strategies.

Best Practice Cloud Security Management

We’re constantly updating, reviewing and adding to our best-practice checks, helping to secure your public cloud environment against the latest threats. Unlike native cloud management tools provided by AWS, Azure, and GCP, we perform over 550 best-practice checks. This allows us to catch risks to your cloud environment.

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Benefits of Cloud Security Management From Cass

secure cloud

Secure Cloud Environments

34 million security vulnerabilities have been identified in AWS, Azure and Google due to improper configurations.

By proactively monitoring your cloud and by enforcing over 550 best practices, we keep your environment safe from these threats.


beyond automation

Add Experts To Your Team

The skills gap in cloud tech is huge. We help fill that need by supporting you with cloud-accredited experts.

In the event of a threat, we execute precautionary measures alongside your in-house security team to alleviate risk.


Peace Of Mind

Cloud security is all about making you feel confident in your investment in cloud technology.

Our security tools and dedicated teams offer a service that offers total peace of mind.

Cloud Security By The Numbers

Data Breaches Cost

$654 Billion

every year, according to tech giant IBM

On Average, It Takes Up To

196 Days

for enterprises to spot a data breach

Of Global Organizations,


of them are unequipped for a cyberattack

manage security

A Managed Solution to Enterprise Cloud Security

Threats to cloud security continue to grow year on year. But many enterprises juggle competing priorities in ever more complex environments. This means cloud security doesn’t get the time it needs.

Our proactive risk identification, verification, and resolution services offers 24/7 support for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. With a pre-programmed ‘correction upon detection’ configuration, your public cloud environment is proactively defended. In circumstances where fixes cannot be applied automatically, we are on hand to help resolve any risks.

We work as an extension of your team. We analyze and verify best-practice performance, as well as aid in the rapid resolution of risks before they can be exploited. Our managed service allows your IT teams to focus on business-critical projects, safe in the knowledge that your cloud security is in safe hands.

Cloud Security Management That Focuses on What Matters

As a leading enterprise service provider, we understand the unique challenges large organizations face when it comes to cloud security. From implementation to impact, our service helps you unlock the true potential of your cloud environment with confidence. Speak to us today about our cloud security services.

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