Wireless Audit & Optimization

How often should you conduct a wireless audit? What exactly is a wireless audit and how does it differ from wireless optimization? Optimization and auditing are two different activities.

What is a Wireless Audit?

For Cass clients, wireless audits happen each month systematically. Wireless auditing is the process of identifying anomalies on wireless invoices. For example, usage charges might appear on an invoice where none existed before. Alternatively, perhaps a spike in data usage occurs for a particular user or user group.  Monitoring contract compliance is another component of a wireless audit. The analyst audits the invoice to ensure the company is receiving all discounts and rates as described in the contract terms. For example, if the contract says the activation fee is waived, does the invoice include an activation fee? An audit would call out these issues and be presented to the vendor for additional research and/or credits when necessary.

What is Wireless Optimization?

Wireless Optimization is the review of a wireless subscriber base taking into account both historical and current usage trends. This can be at a group level (pooling) and/or at the individual line level (standalone pricing, messaging, data usage, etc.). The goal of optimizing the subscriber base is to identify areas where costs can be reduced or eliminated.   

The overall account is reviewed during an optimization. Optimization of your wireless services includes a review of voice talk usage, both at the individual line level, as well as at the group level for businesses that have established a pool of users who share minutes. Optimizations must now include information that covers messaging, data, roaming, international calling activity, and feature add-ons.

For Cass clients, wireless optimization is a systematic, formalized, scheduled event. During these events, your assigned Cass wireless analyst will review usage algorithms to find the outliers – individuals who repeatedly exceed or under-utilize their monthly minute allowance or data plan. Familiar with the plans from all the carriers, we can identify and recommend the most cost-effective plan for them.

We approach the process of pool optimization systematically as well. Reviewing historical usage, cost per minute, and running a variety of scenarios for future usage and costs, we’ll work with you to right-size your pooled minute plans.

Our standard reporting also makes it easy to flag excessive consumption and policy compliance. Quickly determine who is incurring roaming charges or making international and 411 calls, for example.

When plan and pool changes are needed, they are submitted to your carriers through a workflow process orchestrated by our lifecycle management platform. Once the new plan is in place, inventory and contract records are updated. Subsequent invoices will be validated against this new data.

The result is impressive savings – with the right plans and pools for your end users and organization.

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