Program Management & Support

  • Third-party provider relationships
  • Effective device deployment 
  • Accounts managed on a regional scale, with global visibility
  • Support for all end-users no matter their location
Program management globally

Program Management for Global Enterprises

We offer valuable program management for your mobile assets. Enjoy comprehensive account management, as well as technical support on a more personal level, thanks to the Cass 24/7, 365-days a year mobile help desk.

Our model of regional account management, combined with global program management, creates local flexibility and support, while also generating global visibility and consistency. 

Program management is essential for connecting together all elements of the mobility lifecycle. 

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Mobile Account Management and Help

Our team becomes your team, dedicated to working alongside you to help manage your mobile environment. No matter your location, or your issue, our globally-available support team can assist with any technical issues at a moment's notice. 

Many end-users are focused on completing their jobs, and are unaware of company policies that might affect them, or the data they're utilizing. Cass can solve that problem - we work closely with your end-users to see that they're receiving the support they need to do their job, while also abiding by any policies necessary to protect company data.

Provider relationships

Provider Relationships 

Take the pain out of vendor management with dedicated support from Cass. Our teams will negotiate and win the best plan on your behalf.

Deployment Management

Deployment Management

Enable your end-users with fast, flexible device deployment that allows them to get on with their jobs. Manage the deployment and support of an entire mobile environment.

Global support network

Global Support Network

Technical support for all devices and operating systems. No matter where you are in the world, the help desk can support you in a moment's notice.

Ready to take control of your managed mobility services?

If you're struggling to stay on top of your mobile bills, renewals, and requisitions, our managed mobility services can help. We take the stress out of mobility management.

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Account Management

Companies need new devices all the time, which means more plans, more tariffs, and more deployments across all departments. Cass removes that stress by managing your relationships with third-party providers. We take control of enterprise-level service deployments to maximize the potential of your managed mobility services.

Cass offers a model of regional account management combined with global program management. This enables end-users to work knowing they can get support at a local level whenever they need it. By working so closely with end-users, when there's a problem, it can be dealt with right away – while ensuring company policy is adhered to.

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Gain Visibility into Your Mobile Ecosystem-3

Gain Visibility into Your Mobile Ecosystem

Complete visibility of your mobile environment provides security for your remote workers, as well as your enterprise's regulatory needs. Providing detailed information about your environment means bills get paid on time and renewals are handled without you needing to get involved.

Account-wide wireless optimization reviews your usage information, from messaging and data to international calling activity and more, to identify the areas where your end-users need the most support. By having complete visibility of your environment, you're in a stronger position to ensure the best end-user experience, while making sure your corporate data is handled securely across your enterprise.

Global End-user Mobility Help Desk

Get dedicated support for technical issues. The help desk provides end-users with thorough and efficient support designed to address your company’s specific needs.

Our global support team is designed to support all end-users with their work, ensuring the best possible end-user experience. This means that no matter the time of day, or what language your company speaks, the help desk provides the assistance you need, when you need it. 

  • Service troubleshooting
  • Personalized support
  • Oversight of vendor provisioning 
  • Activation and deactivation support
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Transform Your Mobility Program and Deliver Real Benefits

See how a global company generated new value from its mobile environment using our managed mobility services. By working with Cass, the company was able to become a mobile-first enterprise, maximizing the potential of its vast mobile ecosystem.

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Why Cass?

Work with a robust and reliable vendor as your partner to ensure a high quality of service. Cass' team understands your individual needs and requirements, as well as your unique policies and plans.

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ExpenseSmart Platform

Cass offers this unique cloud-based platform, which enables employees to provision their own devices and plans through an online portal.

Global Support Team

Global Support Team

Working with Cass gives you access to our great global support teams, available 24/7, 365 days a year to lend you a hand at a moment's notice.

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Experienced Management

In-depth account management is possible with a professional team working alongside your business as your holistic, lifecycle manager.

End-to-end Mobility Lifecycle Management

End-to-end Mobility Lifecycle Management 

From procurement to device resale and recycling, we're with you at every stage of the mobility lifecycle – and that goes for your end-users too.

We offer support for all end-users, providing a comprehensive plan to work with users on both corporate-owned or BYOD devices. If anything goes wrong, our support team can help immediately, while protecting sensitive corporate data and abiding by company policies.

Effective program management is vital for connecting all areas of the mobility lifecycle.

Take Control of Your Mobility Ecosystem

If you want to learn more about how we work alongside your enterprise to help remove the stress of mobile management, get in touch today. 

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