What is Mobile Expense Management?

15 February 2022 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

For modern enterprises, keeping control of your mobility environment is essential. End-users now demand the flexibility to work with the devices they want, when and where they want. Keeping mobility expenses under control at a global enterprise level, however, can be a challenge. 

As mobile budgets rise and billing becomes more complex, global enterprises must ensure they retain visibility over spending across their mobile infrastructure. This is where mobile expense management services can help.

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What is Mobile Expense Management? 

Mobile expense management services enable your enterprise to maintain control over your mobile costs on a global scale. It gives you full visibility into how much you're spending across your mobility infrastructure, from entire departments to individual end-users. 

A mobile expense management partner will carry out in-depth audits and reports to give you real-time data on your mobility expenses across your enterprise. Your partner will monitor your financial health and maintain cost control measures over the entire mobility lifecycle, optimizing costs to ensure your business stays effective while minimizing spend.

If you source mobile expense management through a telecom expense management provider, they can also help you with:

Device-as-a-Service and Large-scale Provisioning

An experienced mobility management partner can manage the entire lifecycle of your mobile devices for you. This relieves pressure from your global teams, letting you get devices to your employees faster, even on a global scale. 

They can bundle the cost of devices into your service agreement. This helps spread out the financial impact of deploying them at scale. And automated self-service provisioning means you can easily track every device from one place, simplifying cost control and reducing unnecessary spend.

Inventory Management

Having an accurate picture of your inventory is crucial for cost control. Your partner will verify and track each mobile asset, from hardware to mobile device plans, including every order to move, add, change, or disconnect a service (MACD activity),

They’ll then compare inventory data to your carrier billing records. This will show where carriers are invoicing you for items you aren’t using, highlighting key areas for cost savings.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Today, people expect the freedom to use their own devices at work. However, managing reimbursements for BYOD programs through payroll or expense reports can be a major headache, both for internal teams and end-users.

Your mobile expense management partner can integrate your many systems, eliminate overhead, automate approval processes, and simplify the end-user experience. Rather than reimbursing employees indirectly, each employee's reimbursement amount is credited directly to their carrier account. They don’t have to receive funds from your enterprise or fill out any expense forms, making the whole experience much simpler.

How Can Cass Help with Mobile Expense Management?

From device deployment to end-user support, Cass can support your enterprise with our comprehensive managed mobility services. We support every element of your mobility lifecycle, and as part of this, provide comprehensive expertise for financial management. We provide:

  • End-to-end mobility cost control
  • Visibility across global mobile spend
  • Device-as-a-service and purchase support
  • Bring your own device reimbursement support

Our experts act as an extension of your team, not just a service, to support you with financial management of your mobile environment.

Improving Expenditure for a Global Publishing Company

We helped a global publishing company improve mobile expense management  by:

  • Benchmarking mobile expenditure
  • Conducting an initial audit
  • Implementing a monthly optimization report
  • Managing supplier contract renegotiations
  • Providing day-to-day support

With our support, the global publishing group can now ensure that every device is accounted for. And, we've identified significant cost savings opportunities, with a 29% initial saving across the business. Read the full case study to see exactly how we can help you.

Minimize Your Mobility Costs With Mobile Expense Management

It’s easy for mobility spending to start spiraling out of control when managing global and complex environments. With so many users, devices, and contracts to keep track of, you can end up paying for far more than you should without even realizing it.

Mobile expense management enables your mobility efforts to stay cost-effective at scale. By working with an experienced mobility expense management partner, you’ll get the visibility and support you need to empower your people to use the devices they need while keeping your costs in check.

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