How to Implement a Telecom MACD Process at Your Enterprise

The benefits of tracking and managing MACDs are invaluable. Discover how to implement MACD processes in your business.

Today's enterprises need to keep a proactive eye on their telecom inventories to keep ever-growing costs under control.

Improving your move, add, change, delete (MACD) processes will help you track, manage, and report on all your provisioning activities. So, your business can continuously optimize processes and improve your telecom inventory management.

Our comprehensive eBook explores how your enterprise can implement a telecom MACD process. You'll discover:

  • What is telecom MACD?
  • The benefits and challenges of tracking MACDs
  • The 4 steps to implementing a MACD process
  • What are managed MACDs?
  • How a company saved $2 Million+ with MACD tracking

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