New Guide: The Complete Guide to Telecom Expense Reporting

11 April 2023 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

Today's enterprise telecom environments are more diverse than ever. So, how can effective telecom expense reporting help you stay on track with your payable processes?

Our latest guide provides a comprehensive summary of the different types of telecom expense reporting available. We explore the advantages and disadvantages of each reporting functionality, and how they can help your enterprise accurately monitor your telecom expenses. 

Read 'The Complete Guide to Telecom Expense Reporting' today. Discover how to  improve reporting in your enterprise.

What's in the Guide

Our eBook includes:

  • Today's enterprise telecom expense management (TEM) landscape: What challenges do enterprises face and how is it changing?
  • What is telecom expense reporting?: A comprehensive summary of the functionality of TEM reporting.
  • The types of telecom expense reporting: An in-depth explanation of portal reporting, API reporting, and SLA, XLA, and KPI reporting.
  • Service vs. software: An exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of software vs. a TEM service provider to manage reporting.
  • Case study: A unique look at how effective telecom expense reporting helped a leading manufacturing conglomerate to improve its telecom finances on a global scale. 

The Enterprise Telecom Landscape Has Changed. Can Your Reporting Functionality Keep Up?

Effective telecom expense reporting uses a combination of automation, business intelligence tools, and industry experts that help you extract the most value from your data.

But not all organizations are the same. Some rely on software alone to manage reporting. This can lead to inefficiencies that only experienced TEM experts can spot.

Our guide provides a straightforward, encompassing overview of the factors you should consider when managing enterprise telecom expense reporting, and how you can get started with improving yours. 

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