New Download: 4 Simple Ways to Improve YoY Budget with Telecom Expense Management

6 April 2023 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

When planning your corporate budget for the upcoming financial year, you might want to consider using telecom expense management services as a way to keep operational costs under tight control.

Our new guide, now available to download, explores the significant benefits of telecom expense management and details four simple ways it can help you consistently free up funds from your enterprise’s budget year after year.

Managing Your Budget is a Constant Challenge

Planning your enterprise’s budget for the year ahead has always been challenging, but in today’s working world it has only become more so. Now, many organizations have a vast array of devices, contracts and users across their telecom environment, and it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of what you’re paying for and why.

This means that costs can quickly add up, as these networks become more complex, and you need effective management and accuracy to avoid overspending. Without this, you’ll most likely pay more without even realizing it.

Learn how to achieve significant savings with telecom expense managment. See 4  simple ways to improve YoY budget with TEM.

How Can Telecom Expense Management Help?

Telecom expense management enables IT, procurement, and finance departments to streamline key processes, such as ordering, provisioning, and cost management. Essentially, it provides the tools you need to consolidate, manage, and optimize your telecom environment.

A high-quality telecom expense management service includes:

A good telecom expense management service can give you immediate cost savings and long-term value.

Long-term Benefits

Our guide explains how telecom expense management services deliver benefits right from the start, and how this value does not dissipate once initial cost-savings have been identified. Telecom expense management isn’t a short-term relationship, as it will continue to deliver value long after immediate savings and optimizations are recognized.

By reading our guide, you’ll learn, four key ways that telecom expense management could improve your year-on-year (YoY) budget and may save your enterprise millions in the long run. This includes uncovering valuable cost-saving opportunities, establishing long-term visibility over your assets and freeing up budget for your enterprise.

Compelling Case Studies

You'll also learn how two of our valued clients have consistently improved their YoY budget with our telecom expense management services.

Discover how:

  • A 50-campus healthcare provider saved $2.91m over the first five years of our partnership
  • A multinational manufacturing conglomerate saved over $5.1m within three years, and achieved 400+% net return on investment (ROI)

Download Our Guide Now

To read more and find out everything you need to know about how telecom expense management can help improve your YoY budget, download our insightful guide today.

Download our guide '4 Simple Ways to Improve YoY Budget with Telecom Expense Management'. Read it now.

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