3 Ways to Improve Visibility of Your Cloud Spend

24 August 2021 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

In the past year, cloud adoption has accelerated at a substantial rate. More and more businesses are ramping up their cloud use, but with so many moving parts, keeping track of new services, applications, and infrastructure is an ongoing challenge. To avoid overpaying for cloud services, enterprises need complete visibility over what they own. 

In this blog, we'll explore how enterprises can regain control of their cloud environment and optimize their cloud spend. 

3 Ways to Optimize Cloud Spend

1. Employ a Cloud Tagging Strategy

Resource tagging is an essential tool for gaining better visibility over your cloud usage and spend. It involves assigning metadata labels to your assets, so you can easily organize and search through your workloads. 

Typically, you'll want to use tags to identify attributes like application, service, business unit, region, and cost center. Once you know how to tag cloud resources, you can use them for:

  • Cost reporting
  • Access management
  • Automation
  • Resource grouping 

Tagging every cloud resource may seem daunting. But if you start small and scale up, you'll begin to build a detailed picture of your cloud environment. With visibility over what you own, you can easily identify wasted resources, so you can regain control over your cloud spend. 

Book a cloud audit and see how you can optimize your cloud in just 90 days 

2. Perform a Cloud Audit

Enterprises are spending 30-60% more than they should on the cloud. An audit helps to reign in this overspending by identifying wasted resources, keeping your workloads lean.

A cloud expense audit helps you identify:

  • Rightsizing opportunities
  • Idle resources
  • Your optimized purchasing strategy

A cloud audit gives you a complete picture of your cloud estate. So you know what's being used, where it's located, and how you can streamline your assets to be more efficient. 

If you lack the resources to perform an audit yourself, we recommend outsourcing your audit to a cloud management provider. The best providers can optimize your cloud in just 90 days, so you can start saving with minimal disruption to your business. 

3. Use a Cloud Spend Management Platform

Keeping up with an ever-changing cloud environment can be time-consuming and tedious for in-house teams.

If they lack the right tools, new services and over-provisioned resources can easily slip under the radar, which can send costs soaring. This is where a cloud management platform can give you full transparency over your cloud spend. 

A cloud management platform can provide:

  • Automated monitoring
  • A singular view of all cloud assets and costs
  • Cost & performance optimization
  • Reserved purchase recommendations

With a dedicated platform to monitor your cloud, you'll never risk losing track of what you own. 

Improve Cloud Spend Management with Cass

To avoid overspending on your cloud services, visibility over your cloud spend is essential. The best way to start optimizing your cloud is with a comprehensive audit. 

A cloud audit can provide ongoing cost-optimization insights so you can continually save on cloud spend. You can learn more about our 90-day cloud audit here

Optimise your cloud in just 90 days

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