Cloud Cost Optimization

Take the first steps to a more cost‑efficient cloud. Enjoy the benefits of best‑practice spend‑management techniques performed by Cass cloud‑accredited experts and realize significant savings from optimization activities.

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Waste Elimination

Say goodbye to orphaned resources and hello to full cloud optimization. Providing a team of certified professionals who work on your behalf, we ensure you only ever pay for the services you use.

Our complete waste elimination service is comprised of three key steps:


Step 1: Analysis

Our team of experts utilize latest-generation technology to compare inventory against hourly usage, uncovering unused resources and delivering waste elimination recommendations.


Step 2: Execution

We execute these recommendations on your behalf, or provide detailed data to your team for internal resolution, so you always remain in complete control of your cloud.


Step 3: Review

Once all activities have been performed, Cass will continue to monitor usage and verify that billing for unused workloads terminates as expected, as well as highlighting areas for further improvement.

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Put an end to costly unused cloud capacity. Our comprehensive service monitors usage across your environment – accumulating and analyzing peak and average data – over the course of a full month. We also deliver recommendations, execute optimization activities, and verify performance to save you money.

Where resources can be migrated to a smaller instance while delivering the same overall user experience, we perform migratory operations to generate savings, or provide these recommendations directly to your team.

We’ll also review hourly usage files and generate workload heat-maps, then use this data to identify time-specific idleness and reduce instance-utilization waste on an hour-by-hour basis – spinning-down those resources when they’re not required.

It’s not just a one-time benefit – our team will continue to monitor and track usage to verify that identified savings have been achieved and locate additional areas for optimization.

Reserved Instances Recommendations

Lock-in savings of up to 60% by taking advantage of reserved instance pricing, compared to on-demand rates, for your persistent workloads.

Working as an extension of your team, we’ll scour hourly usage feeds to identify always-on workloads and provide recommendations for migration to cheaper pricing models. We’ll even execute migration activities on your behalf, working directly with vendors, not resellers, to maximize the cost benefit and guarantee that every cent saved is delivered directly to you.

With Cass, you’re provided with the lowest total cost of ownership option for each instance – no matter how complex your cloud.

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