3 Challenges Telecom Expense Management Companies Can Solve in 2021

24 June 2021 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

Telecom expense management (TEM) can generate ongoing cost savings for enterprises. But with remote working concerns, network complexity, and lack of visibility over resources, getting the most value out of TEM can be difficult.

In this blog, we explore three key challenges of executing a TEM program in 2021 – and how experienced telecom expense management companies can help.  

3 Challenges of Effective TEM in 2021

1. New Remote Working Demands

At first, the pandemic caused a complete shift to remote working. But as things begin to return to normal, a hybrid of remote and office collaboration is the most popular working model for many enterprises.

A hybrid approach gives employees the flexibility to choose how and where they work. Yet, this has introduced new logistical challenges. And it's made it harder to track users, activity, and devices across dispersed employees. 

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2. Logistics and Sourcing Issues

The uptake in remote working has increased the demand for telecom expense management companies that can source, deliver, and manage devices for end-users. 

Many TEM providers lack the regional and global resources necessary to ensure that all of your employees have access to mobile phones, laptops, and other business devices that they need to work remotely. And this can hamper productivity, slow down onboarding, and prevent teams from collaborating.

To avoid wasted spend, it's important to ensure that you have effective sourcing and logistics management across your mobility lifecycle. One way to do this is by working with a TEM provider to support your supply chain. 

An experienced TEM provider will be able to help you maintain efficient and secure delivery throughout the entire process. So your teams, regardless of their location, get the devices they need, fast. This means employees can continue working from wherever they choose.

3. Lack of Visibility & Monitoring

To identify wasted resources and opportunities for cost reductions, enterprises need to have complete visibility of all their assets.

This MACD (Move, Add, Change, or Disconnect) activity is crucial to understanding your telecoms estate. But keeping track of MACD activity can be time-consuming. And if large numbers of employees are working remotely, it can be particularly challenging for enterprises. 

To solve this issue, enterprises should look for telecom expense management companies that can track all MACD activity within a single, centralized platform. With an up-to-date snapshot of the telecom inventory across an enterprise, it's easier to identify inaccuracies, underused resources, and potential savings. 

As telecoms estates continue to grow, having access to information on all assets will improve infrastructure management. This will help you make better, informed decisions in the immediate future. 

Get More From TEM With a Telecom Expense Management Company

By partnering with the right telecom expense management company, enterprises can improve visibility and control over their telecom estates, drive significant cost savings, and address the above challenges with confidence.  

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