New Infographic: Who Should Perform Your Cloud Audit?

11 November 2021 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

As your cloud estate grows, keeping on top of new infrastructure, applications, and services can be incredibly challenging. Without visibility into what you own, it's easy to lose track of what assets you're using and overspend on resources you don't need. 

Our latest infographic highlights why a cloud expense audit can be invaluable.

By auditing your cloud environment, you'll build up a better understanding of what services you use. So, you can manage your active resources more effectively, strip away any assets you don't need, and keep your operations lean and efficient. 

Discover why outsourcing your cloud audit can help you achieve continuous cost  savings. Download our infographic now. 

The Importance of Regular Cloud Auditing

Within a large enterprise, regular cloud auditing is essential to ensure overspending is kept to a minimum.

However, enterprise IT teams often lack the time, tools, and resources to undertake their cloud audit themselves. In addition, many teams lack the experience necessary to get the most value. Nearly half (45%) of internal audit professionals agreed their approach limited effectiveness.

In our new infographic, we highlight why outsourcing your cloud audit is the best way to achieve cost savings, without putting strain on your internal teams. We provide key statistics, industry insights, and explore some of the benefits a cloud audit can provide. 

Download Your Infographic 

In our infographic, you'll discover:

  • Five reasons why enterprises need to audit their cloud. 
  • Six benefits of outsourcing your cloud audit. 
  • Three ways a cloud audit generates ongoing savings.

Download the infographic today and learn why outsourcing your cloud audit can help you uncover ongoing savings, cost optimizations, rightsizing opportunities, and more.  

Who should perform your cloud audit

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