New Download: The CIO's Guide to Reducing Operating Expenses

7 March 2023 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

Today, being a Chief Information Officer (CIO) comes with a lot of responsibility, and expectations are growing. You’ve got to find new ways to cut back on unnecessary spending and drive long-term savings, but where, and how? 

Your telecom environment is one of the best places to start. Our new guide explores how to reduce operating expenses in your business by improving visibility and optimizing billing management 

Discover how to reduce operating expenses in business with the help of telecom  expense management – the hidden opportunity for CIOs.

Why Do CIOs Struggle to Reduce Operational Costs? 

Driving efficiencies and saving costs in an enterprise telecom environment can be tough. Many European businesses lack the necessary processes and support to implement real change.   

Some of the biggest challenges include: 

  • Misallocated resources – Estimates show that 12-20% of telecom charges aren’t accurate.  
  • Lack of visibilityYou need a single view of your billing data to understand where resources are being spent clearly.  
  • Inconsistent processes – Standardized billing, reporting, and management across all regions are key to reducing costs long-term.  
  • Poor vendor and supplier relationships – Maintaining good relationships with vendors and suppliers is critical to maintaining the best rates and contracts.  

Discover How to Minimize Operating Expenses in Your Business   

In our guide, you’ll discover how a telecom expense management partner can help you overcome these challenges, transform your business, and save operating costs.  

You’ll learn some of the most effective approaches for identifying and minimizing expenses, such as:  

  • How to spot key opportunities – A telecom expense management partner can carry out a telecom expense audit to give you complete visibility of your entire telecom estate.  
  • Understanding your baseline costs – With a full view of all your baseline IT costs, including shadow IT, you can see which areas of the business are spending the most. 
  • Conducting a cost-benefit analysis – This helps you assess the benefits and risks of making a change to your IT strategy. 

Read Our Comprehensive Guide for CIOs  

This is your opportunity to prove how you add significant value to your enterprise. With support from an expert telecom expense management partner, you can quickly unlock savings and achieve meaningful ROI.  

Read our guide today to discover everything you need to know about reducing operating costs in your telecom environment. 

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