New Download: How Much Can You Save with Telecom Expense Management?

11 September 2018 | Posted by Josh Bouk

To calculate the true cost-saving capabilities of a telecom expense management (TEM) solution, you need a full understanding of the factors that impact its success. Our new download provides insight on these variables, also drawing from market research and real-life examples, to provide a framework for calculating prospective savings.

At the enterprise-level, the telecom environment is characterized by an intricate web of fixed and mobile devices, IT infrastructure, and, often, employee-owned equipment as part of a BYOD program.

Gaining visibility into this asset jungle – including the complicated rate-structures, multi-year contract commitments, and variable and often error-ridden invoices – is no mean feat, and often requires specialist skill and technical expertise.

The promise of a TEM program is to provide this expert knowledge, in order to remove the telecom burden. This includes, but is not limited to, the deliverance of cost-savings via the detection and disputation of overcharges from invoice audits, the reduction of late fees from bill payment responsibilities, and the optimization of current telecom services.

But while the mechanics of TEM’s cost-saving functions are well-established, estimations of what this translates to in dollars and cents is far more atypical.

Uncover an accurate framework for calculating the cost-saving capabilities of a TEM program – download our free guide. 

The Challenge of Estimating TEM Savings

The reason for this lack of transparency is that estimating TEM cost-savings is notoriously difficult. A whole host of variables combine to impact savings, which include:

  • The size of your telecom estate
  • The TEM service provider you choose
  • The global preparedness of your TEM provider

These individual elements, while distinct in nature, all possess the capability to dramatically alter the final figure and positively or negatively impact the savings that can be achieved.

And it’s only with a clear appreciation of these factors that an understanding of the possible cost-saving capabilities can be gained, and formulation of an accurate estimate of monetary savings can be made.

Additionally, with this knowledge, it's possible for you to have more meaningful discussions with TEM vendors  to discover which one is the best fit for your organization, in terms of both savings and quality of service delivered. 

Telecom Expense Management Savings

To discover the comprehensive list of factors that can impact the cost-saving capabilities of a TEM service, as well as gain additional insight from market-leading research – read our new guide “How Much Can You Save with Telecom Expense Management?”.

How Much Can You Save with Telecom Expense Management?

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