New Download: 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your TEM Vendor

8 November 2018 | Posted by Josh Bouk

Deciding on a vendor to take care of your telecom expense management (TEM) is a tricky business. The market is overrun with suppliers whose capabilities, market knowledge, and commitment to serving your business vary drastically. So, what exactly should you consider when deciding which vendor to trust handling your TEM? Our new guide  reveals and examines the key factors that will help you assess any vendor – does your supplier pass the 7-point check?

Don't Forget the Reason You're Searching for a TEM Provider

The core reason to search for a TEM vendor is to take the weight of telecom management off your shoulders, saving you time and your business money. However, you may be surprised how many TEM vendors fall short of comprehensively fulfilling this promise.

While researching TEM vendors, be sure to check that they can provide your business with all the services that should be expected of them, such as managing both fixed and mobile telecom expenses. The vendor you partner with should also be independent and capable of providing impartial insights regarding the networks they work with.

Additionally, you may want to consider whether they can offer your business added value with additional, increasingly crucial, solutions such as a cloud management service. 

Does the TEM vendor you're considering make the grade? Download our 7-point guide and find out.

Are They Knowledgeable and Experienced? 

It is of vital importance that the TEM vendor you’re considering working with has a deep knowledge of the market, with plenty of experience to back it up — how else will they provide you with useful insight and advice? 

For global businesses, it's crucial that your TEM provider is global too, understanding regional culture and working the same hours as your business.

Ensuring your TEM vendor is knowledgeable and experienced will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're in safe hands.

Is Their Software Easy to Use?  

Finding a company to manage your telecom expenses is all well and good, but if the TEM software they provide takes an age to navigate, then it certainly isn’t going to save you much time – a key benefit of securing a TEM vendor in the first place. Great TEM vendors should offer straight-forward, hassle-free software that lets you assess your telecom estate at a glance, as well as providing all the detail you require when you need to drill down.

Inside the Guide

These considerations are just the start – there's a great deal to think about when choosing a TEM vendor, but breaking your research down into core factors will make the process much simpler.   

Our latest guide illuminates the seven key areas you must check when assessing any vendor, with details of just what they should be able to demonstrate in order to prove themselves a suitable TEM partner.

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