6 Ways ServiceNow™ Improves Mobility Management

1 November 2022 | Posted by Josh Paine

They say that the world works with ServiceNow™ and it’s easy to see why. Over the last few years, ServiceNow has become the trusted choice for enterprises to manage and transform their information technology. 

Our managed mobility solutions easily integrate directly with ServiceNow, so you can enjoy the power of Cass's technology expense management services with the efficiency of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is an enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that defines, structures, and automates workflows, and removes email and spreadsheets from service delivery. Using ServiceNow, IT and procurement teams replace manual transactions. This lets you provide a more efficient experience to end-users. Here’s how ServiceNow makes mobility management more efficient:

1. Simplicity

ServiceNow puts your essential enterprise processes into a single place. Its open architecture allows you to integrate ServiceNow into any kind of enterprise tech stack, so you can provide value quickly.

Sales teams can access devices faster and internal teams can get better visibility over their mobility estate to identify opportunities and act on them.

2. Versatility

ServiceNow supports a wide range of features for today’s enterprise. You can define services, deliver intuitive experiences, and analyze critical service metrics. ServiceNow supports enterprise mobility management with:

  • Field Service Management. Replaces spreadsheets, email, and other management tools with one system.
  • Finance Service Management. Efficiently fulfil submitted requests including financial reports, and procurement issues, and gain visibility into work requests and trends over time.
  • IT Service Management (ITSM). Consolidates and automates service management processes, increases efficiency, lowers costs and creates a selfservice experience that users expect.
  • Security Operations. Manage security incidents and prioritize vulnerability protection with ServiceNow's automated GRC. Automation manages security incidents and vulnerability prioritization. It lets you visualize the effectiveness of security investments and adapt to changing conditions.

Download the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services, Global,  to see how MMS vendors are evaluated.

3. Improved Process Optimization

ServiceNow is designed specifically for large enterprises. It has the power to withstand the pressures of enterprise technology, scalability, and customer requirements.

It eliminates manual processes, such as request approvals and responses thanks to automated workflows. When you have well-aligned workflows, the system will notify the right person to fix a problem before it escalates. This reduces the chances of interruptions and lengthy waiting periods, which boosts productivity.

Industries that benefit from ServiceNow

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • Government
  • Telecommunications     

4. A Great End-user Experience

ServiceNow isn’t just great for IT teams. It provides an accessible and simple interface for your end-users, such as sales and delivery teams. Reporting a fault or sending a request is as simple as logging into a portal and submitting it. ServiceNow lets users monitor their requests and get notifications of their progress.

For example: If a user’s mobile device breaks they can request a replacement, order a new device and monitor the procurement process so they know exactly when their device will arrive.

5. Return on Investment

Any enterprise tool that reduces workload and optimizes processes provides great value. But how much value? Forrester Consulting’s report on the total economic impact of ServiceNow on customers showed that its return on investment was worth as much as 229%, plus $3.7 million in infrastructure savings.

6. Integration with Cass

Once you start using ServiceNow as your core platform, third-party applications, like those provided by Cass's ExpenceSmart platform, can be integrated, too. Leveraging ServiceNow with the Cass software allows for flexible workflows to sync billing, procurement, and mobility data seamlessly. Your IT teams can rely on Cass for the integration, saving them time and resources.

You'll get all the benefits of our managed mobility services without disrupting your processes or your people. End-users can still enjoy a great user experience while your business gets all the benefits of our sourcing and logistics management, UEM, and more.

Global Solutions for Global Needs

Designed for enterprise-level organizations, ServiceNow’s cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service can be easily scaled across multiple networks and supports high transaction volume and department-level workload – alone, it’s a powerful tool for global enterprises.

Our technology expense management services integrate seamlessly with ServiceNow, so enterprises can build an ever-more effective range of technology solutions that help them solve key business challenges.

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