Transforming a Global Restaurant Chain with Telecom Expense Management

Cass delivered $1.6 million in cost reductions, solved problems, streamlined operations, and improved customer and employee experience for a global restaurant chain. Discover how our expert guidance delivered an impressive 600% return on investment.

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A well-loved, global, fast-casual restaurant came to Cass at the recommendation of a colleague from a similar restaurant chain to solve a problem that was disrupting their business. Growing rapidly, their telecom infrastructure deployment and invoices weren’t properly set up, causing late fees and service interruptions that required constant attention. Looking for relief, they turned to Cass to solve the problem.

With over 3,000+ locations globally and approximately $36 million in annual telecom spend, this US-based fast-casual restaurant chain needed to improve how its telecom inventory and billing were managed to avoid the consequences of late payments due to missing invoices. In the process, they received the added benefit of gaining control of their rapidly growing telecom spend.

They faced several challenges, most notably a lack of trust in their current inventory data as a source of truth. Meanwhile, they reported inefficiencies they couldn’t solve in-house in their telecom environment.

Having not engaged a telecom expense management provider before, the research process led them to Cass after being referred by another longtime Cass client. With buy-in from multiple departments across their business, they were looking for a partner who would act as a true extension of their team.


  • Process efficiency
  • Inventory management
  • Growth enablement

Key Achievements


inventory accuracy


$1.6 million
cost reduction


SLA attainment

Return on Investment

600% ROI
from our TEM partnership

How We Helped

Telecom expense management

Implementing our comprehensive service

Bill pay services

For telecom, managed services, and cloud invoices

High-level auditing resources

Identifying key saving opportunities

Visibility by retail location

Improving reporting and decision-making

An Extension of Their Team

The client hadn’t engaged a telecom expense management provider before, empowering us to implement our best-in-class technology to conduct an audit from the ground-up. Our experts immediately began to implement our core telecom expense management services.

Working as an extension of their internal teams, we guided the client through the process and worked hand-in-hand to tailor our solution to their needs.

Things are 100 times better since we started doing business with Cass!

Senior Director of Accounting


The Results

The results speak for themselves. Billing issues, late fees, and shutoffs have been virtually eliminated. With greater telecom spend visibility than ever before, our client reports greater confidence, consistency, and accuracy since engaging our telecom expense management team.


95%+ inventory accuracy


100% SLA attainment


$1.6 million cost reduction

Return on Investment-green

600% ROI from our TEM partnership

Inventory Management

The client established 95%+ inventory accuracy confidence versus having little visibility before their relationship with Cass.

High-level auditing capabilities provided them with a deeper understanding of how they can eliminate waste internally.

Financial Management

They experienced over $1.6M in cost reductions and over 600% return on investment (ROI) from our telecom expense management partnership.

Visibility and Decision-making

Our processes created greater visibility by retail location to report to business unit leaders, ultimately leading to better decision-making opportunities for their internal teams.

Global Restaurant Chain results

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