Cass for the IT Finance Manager

Taking your telecom expenses in hand can boost your bottom-line, or even fund business transformation, and put an end to your budget constantly being sunk into running costs. Our service is designed to lift your burdens and help you build a great departmental reputation.

Gain a Clearer Picture with Cass


Gain a Clearer Picture

Gain visibility into how your budgets truly compare to your actuals. Costs can be clearly allocated for a new, deeper understanding of exactly where your telecom spend is going, and where savings can be made.


Reduce Costs

In addition to greater visibility into your telecom cost burden, our telecom expense management service can help you achieve significant cost reductions including actuals to budget, taking that transformation project off your wish-list and into reality.

Reduce Costs with Cass
Improve User Behavior and Lose Pain-Points with Cass


Improve User Behavior and Lose Pain-Points

Our service encourages policy compliance and rewards good user behavior, ideal for enterprise-level managed mobility and BYOD programs. And with Cass at hand, allocation and usage information is readily available, meaning you can relax and forget the spectre of late night panicked phone calls about unexpected or unallocated charges.

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